How do I create my community?

First you need to understand what topics you will bring people together. For example, it could be a make / model of a car, a city, or some kind of common interest.
In order for your application to be approved by a moderator, you need to dial the minimum number of participants. You chose this particular topic, and not just a narrow circle of people. After submitting the application time will be a little.
If you are ready - go ahead!

The community creation button is inactive for me. What am I doing wrong?
Create a community now can only users with at least 100 years on the machine in the profile.

How many participants do you need and how much time?
At the moment - 30 participants and 7 days from the date of application.

What happens if I don't get enough participants?
The application will automatically be deleted, but you can try again in the future.

For what reasons can a moderator refuse to create a community?
- The application is compiled by Week
Community (for example, the owner of Audi will create a community for BMW or in the community Cherepovets invites users from Anadyr)
- Community topic does not comply with the Site Rules

How to transfer admin rights to another user?
Write about it in the community development forum. Agree to that.