About the project

the project

You love her. You are talking to her. You admire it every day. You know everything about her and can talk about her qualities for weeks. You forgive her for her imperfection, turning a blind eye to her faults, and she adores you. Jealous of you to other beauties, she steadfastly remains faithful. You know that in a critical situation, without hesitation, she will give up her life, saving you ... But still, somewhere deep down you dream of another.

We created this site because we are the same. We love cars. And we love people very much. If only because without them the machines can not live yet.

People made millions of sites for themselves. The time has come World Garages - the community of cars and people, in which the main actors are cars.

  1. Your wonderful car will be seen and appreciated not only by its neighbors in the stream, but also by a huge number of other good people.
  2. Here you can easily find friends and like-minded people who have the same car as you
  3. You will contribute to the creation of a unique knowledge base about all the cars in the world and real experience in their operation.
  4. Evaluating and commenting on the cars of other users, you will be directly involved in the formation of ratings of cars, models and brands.
  5. Together we will make the automobile world better.

Regardless of what kind of car you have, whether at the top it is rated or not, whether you like to chat or not, it will be interesting for absolutely everyone! Join now!

With love,
creators World Garages