Privacy Policy

Last updated December 14, 2018

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The Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as Policy) establishes general principles of how OOO World Garages collects, processes, and safeguards Users’ information.


Automatic processing of personal data shall mean personal data processing using computer equipment.

Data shall mean user data not included in the concept of personal data.

Operator shall mean OOO World Garages, who organizes and/or processes personal data, determines purposes of personal data processing and composition of personal data, subject to processing as well as use of (operations) personal data independently or jointly with other parties.

Personal data shall mean any information relating to a directly or indirectly identified or identifiable individual.

User shall mean a person registered their account on the Site and who uses the Site via Internet.

Personal data disclosure shall mean actions aimed at personal data disclosure to a specific individual or a specific group of individuals.

Site shall mean the website owned by the Operator and located on the Internet at

Subject of personal data shall mean a User (private person), to whom personal data relate.

Transborder Transmission of personal data shall mean the transmission of personal data to the territory of a foreign state to an authority of a foreign state, a foreign individual or a foreign legal entity.

1. General provisions

1.1. Personal data protection measures are an integral part of the Operator’s activities.

2. Principles of Personal data processing

2.1. The processing of personal data is carried out by the Operator in accordance with the following principles:

2.1.1. Legitimacy and equitable basis for the personal data processing. The Operator takes all necessary measures to fulfill the requirements and refrains from personal data processing in case it is not allowed and does not use personal data in prejudice of a User;

2.1.2. The Operator processes only personal data that comply with the preset purposes of processing. The content and the volume of personal data subject to processing comply with the preset processing objectives. The Operator prevents personal data processing incompatible with the purposes of personal data collecting or excessive processing in regards to the preset objectives of processing.

The purpose of personal data processing is exclusively the fulfillment by the Operator of its legal obligations towards a User;

2.1.3. Ensuring accuracy, sufficiency and relevance of personal data in relation to the purpose of personal data processing. The Operator takes all reasonable measures to ensure relevance of personal data subject to processing, including but not limited to the exercise of right of each Subject to receive their personal data for review and to require the Operator to specify, block or destroy their personal data in case they are incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, illegally obtained or not necessary for the preset processing purposes;

2.1.4. The Operator stores personal data in a form that can identify a User of personal data for no longer than is required for the purpose of personal data processing, if the storage period for personal data is not established by an agreement to which a User is a party or beneficiary;

2.1.5. The combining the personal data information systems created for incompatible purposes of databases is not allowed.

3. Personal data processing conditions

3.1. Personal data processing is carried out by the Operator in the following cases:

3.1.1. A user gives consent to their personal data processing. The consent is given at the moment of activating the button Sing up after filling in the form located at;

3.2. The Operator does not disclose personal data to third parties and does not distribute them without User consent.

3.3. The Operator does not perform the Transborder transmission of personal data to countries that do not provide adequate protection.

3.4. By providing Users with an opportunity to use the Site, the Operator acts reasonably and in good faith, and believes that:

3.4.1 A user enjoys all necessary rights to sign up and log in to the Site and use it;

3.4.2. A user is aware that certain types of information transmitted by them to other Users cannot be deleted by a user.

3.5. The Operator does not verify the accuracy of received (collected) information about Users, unless such verification is necessary for the purpose of fulfillment of obligations towards a User.

4. Personal and other data collection and processing

4.1. The Operator collects and stores only Personal data necessary to provide services and to distribute information and promotional materials to a User via Site. At the same time, personal data collection can be carried out both via Site and during data exchange carried out by e-mail at the moment of concluding an agreement with the Operator in simple written form.

4.2. The Operator processes personal data in the following cases:

4.2.1. Providing access to the Site;

4.2.2. Providing services to a User or a legal entity (private entrepreneur) whose representative is the User;

4.2.3. Sending promotional and informational mailings to a User via SMS notifications or e-mail, providing bonuses and conducting sales promotions;

4.2.4. Contacting Users in case of need, including sending notifications, information and requests related to services provision, as well as processing Users' applications and requests;

4.2.5. Carrying out statistical and other analyses based on anonymized personal data.

4.3. The Operator processes personal data in the following cases:

4.3.1. Personal and other data are provided by a User through the registration form at the moment of Registration:

  • telephone number;
  • e-mail address;
  • photo;
  • social media public profile data: Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.

4.3.2. Personal data filled into the personal area on the Site:

  • name, surname;
  • gender;
  • language;
  • vehicle details (brand and model);
  • date of birth;
  • country, city of residence;
  • driving experience.

4.3.3. Data additionally provided by a User upon the request of the Operator sent to a User in case of need, for example, in order to prevent violations of rights and legitimate interests of third parties. In particular, the Operator is entitled to request a User a copy of an ID document or another document containing name, surname, photograph of the User, as well as other additional information which, at the discretion of the Operator, will be necessary and appropriate to identify the User and to exclude illegal use and violation of the third parties' rights.

4.4. For the purposes specified in paragraphs. 4.2.1–4.2.4 of the Policy, the Operator processes the following non-personal information/data:

4.4.1. Standard technical and other data automatically obtained by the Operator at the moment of a User's access to the Site and their subsequent actions on the Site (location at a certain point, IP address, type of operating system of a device, sections of the Site visited by a User);

4.4.2. Information obtained as a result of User’s actions on the Site;

4.4.3. Information obtained as a result of other Users’ actions on the Site

4.5. In respect of personal and non-personal data of a User, their confidentiality is preserved, unless specified data is publicly available.

4.6. The Operator is entitled to store an archival copy of personal and non-personal data, including storage after deleting a user account.

4.7. The Operator is entitled to transmit personal and non-personal data of a User without User consent to the following parties:

4.7.1. Government agents, including investigating authorities, local governments upon their motivated request;

4.7.2. Partners of the Operator in order to fulfill legal obligations towards a User;

4.8. The Operator is entitled to transmit personal and non-personal data of a User to third parties not referred to in clause 4.7 of the current Policy in the following cases:

4.8.1. A user expressly agrees to such actions.

4.8.2. The transmission is required as part of the Site use.

4.8.3. The transmission of data takes place as part of sale or other transfer of business (in whole or in part), in this case all obligations to comply with the terms of the current Policy are transferred to the acquirer.

4.9. The Operator carries out automated and non-automated processing of personal and non-personal data.

4.10. The access to information systems containing personal data is provided by a password system. Passwords are set by authorized employees of the Operator and are individually communicated to employees of the Operator entitled to have access to personal and non-personal data.

4.11. Upon request of a Subject of personal data containing the withdrawal of consent to the personal data processing, the Operator shall remove the personal data within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of its receipt.

A User’s personal data are deleted from the Site when the Operator deletes the information provided by the User as well as their personal account upon the request of the User or on their own initiative in cases provided for under the License Agreement. After deleting a User’s personal data from the Site, the Operator stores it on its electronic media within a given period.

4.12. The Operator will not be held liable for the disclosure of a User’s personal data by other Site Users or Internet users who have access to such data. The Operator recommends Users to be scrupulous about the personal information content they post on the Site.

5. Change of personal data

5.1. A User may at any time change (update, supplement) their personal data, their personal information in their personal account on the Site, provided that such changes and corrections contain relevant and reliable information. A User makes such modifications by sending a written application to the Operator or by making changes in their personal account online.

5.2. A User is entitled to delete their personal data at any time.

6. Personal data confidentiality

6.1. The Operator ensures the confidentiality of personal data processed by the Operator. Confidentiality is not required in the following cases:

6.1.1. After anonymization of personal data;

6.1.2. Access of an unlimited number of persons to personal data was provided by a User or upon their request (hereinafter referred to as personal data made available to the public by a User);

6.1.3. Personal data are subject to publication or compelling disclosure;

6.2. Personal data confidentiality is not violated in case the Operator provides information to third parties acting by virtue of an agreement with the Operator to fulfill obligations towards a User.

7. User consent to personal data processing

7.1. A User takes a decision on the provision to the Operator of their personal data and gives consent to its free processing in accordance with their will and in their interest. The consent to personal data processing should be specific, informed and deliberate and provided by a User at the time of their registration on the Site or at the time of accept of the License agreement, as well as in any form that confirms its receipt.

7.2. Personal data of persons concluded a contractual relationship with the Operator and registered in the Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs and Legal Entities, are open and available to public, with the exception of information about number, date of issue and issuing authority of the ID document of a private person. Their confidentiality protection and User consent to their data processing are not required.

7.3. In case of requests of organizations without appropriate authority, the Operator is obliged to obtain the prior consent of a User to provide their personal data and notify personal data receivers that such data can only be used for the purposes stated at the moment of their communication, and to require personal data receivers to confirm that this rule will be (have been) observed.

8. Rights of a subject of personal data

8.1. A User is entitled to receive information concerning their personal and non-personal data processing. A user is entitled to require the Operator to specify their personal data, to block or destroy them if they are incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, illegally obtained or not necessary for the stated purpose of processing, and to take legally provided measures to protect their rights.

8.2. If a User believes that personal data processing performed by the Operator violates legal requirements or violates their rights and freedoms in any other way, a User is entitled to appeal against the actions or the lack of actions of the Operator to the authority competent to protect rights of Subjects of personal data or through legal proceedings.

8.3. A User is entitled to protect their rights and legitimate interests, including damages for losses and/or compensation for moral injury through legal proceedings.

9. Other provisions

9.1. The current Policy and a relationship between a User and the Operator emerging in connection with the current Policy application shall be subject to the legislation law.

9.2. All disputes are subject to resolution according to the law at the place of Operator's registration. Before referring to the court, a User must observe the mandatory out-of-court procedure for the resolution of disputes and send a relevant claim to the Operator in writing. The claim response period is 30 (thirty) business days.

9.3. If for any reason, one or more provisions of the current Policy are declared invalid or having no legal force, this does not affect the applicability of the remaining provisions of the Policy.

9.4. The Operator receives the right to update at any time the current Policy (in whole or in part) unilaterally without prior approval by a user. All changes take effect a day after their publication on the Site.

9.5. A user shall independently track changes to the Privacy Policy by reviewing the current edition.