Promotion of the machine - Principles and conditions

There are more than one million cars on World Garage. You can find any of them in our catalogue or by searching for a specific car. Some people wish to attract additional attention to their car and are ready to pay for that. We give such possibility to everyone interested.

You put your car in the promo block and a second after it is shown to users online. Those who take interest in it visit its page.

All promoted cars are shown in uniform rotation for a fixed period of time. It provides a massive audience reach and equality of all clients.

It's easy. By pressing a button (the Plus button at the top of the page or the green Promote button on your car page) you open a form, select the desirable duration of the Promotion and launch it.

Yes, you can interrupt it any moment. Unfortunately, in this case we will not be able to reimburse for partial Promotion.

Set the most interesting and showy photo as the main photo of your car (you can drag photos with your mouse in your car editing page). Write a meaningful comment that will emphasize the features of your car and attract additional attention of the audience.

Yes, you can. If you want to impress someone, click the gray Promote link on a car page, to the right of its owner's avatar.

Highlighting your car's caption in boldface makes it stand out from other cars and brings you more clicks as a result. The Quick subscription button increases the number of new subscribers by 1.5-3 times: people who liked your car at first view, will immediately subscribe to its page.

Yes, in the end of every Promotion period you will get a surprise! ;-)

At the end of the day (23:59:59), one of the cars, promoted that day (regardless of the Promotion period, car drive or other parameters) will be randomly selected. It will be a potential Car of the day free of turn.

Any other questions?

World Garages staff will be happy to answer your questions in a dedicated community, full of detailed articles and forum discussions on the topic.