​Volvo V40 2019: functional version of the city car in the hatchback

The model range of Volvo V40 series was supplemented with several versions of the compact city car Volvo V40 2019. The third generation of the popular car is implemented in the layout with a five-door hatchback body, with a petrol, diesel or electric drive.

Adapted to a modular platform CMA new model differs from previous developments of the brand renovated in the style of a concept car 40.2 body design, more high rise, modern filling and finishing the cabin interior. The facelift also marked themselves with better ride and performance.


For many fans, the design of the front with a lot of angular details and stepped relief may come as a surprise. According to many experts, changes in the appearance of the functional load are not, therefore, can be considered a tribute to modern automotive fashion.


In the front side of the case, the novelty shows:

  • smooth pairing of large-format windscreen with wide hood;
  • futuristic relief of wings with wedge-shaped blocks of halogen optics;
  • located in the center of the trapezoidal grille brand Volvo logo.
Built into the lower part of the bumper, the cooling system of the engine compartment and brake mechanisms consists of a Central slit air intake and two side triangular diffusers.
Functional and decorative advantages can be assessed in the profile projection:

  • aerodynamics of the roof line descending to the stern;
  • the oval configuration is contrasted by a chrome perimeter Windows;
  • decorative properties connecting the voluminous wheel arches stepped relief;
  • exclusive design of 17-inch alloy wheels.
The design features of the rear part of the Volvo V40 2019 are, above all:
  • large slope complemented by overhanging spoiler rear glazing;
  • complex relief decorated with plastic door trim;
  • S-shaped massive stops;
  • made on both sides of the body kit exhaust pipes.


The layout of the console is typical for Compact class city cars. In the basic configuration you can see located at the top of the multimedia monitor with advanced command functionality, a deflector and a vertical panel with elements of activation and configuration of on-Board systems.


The design of the steering wheel with the analog button blocks placed on the spokes does not prevent the view of the virtual dashboard shaded by the visor. The list of standard equipment is supplemented:
  • productive air conditioning;
  • a simplified version of the autopilot;
  • circular video review device;
  • five-star, according to EuroNCAP standards, road safety systems.
The functional configuration of the tunnel with transmission control joystick and chassis adjustment buttons is compensated by the comfort of sports chairs with side support and a wide range of operating settings.

Technical parameters

The length of the updated Volvo V40 2019 with hatchback body is 4370 mm, width-1783 mm and height-1458 mm. the Center distance of the front-wheel drive chassis is 2646 mm, the clearance height is increased to 144 mm.


The new bodywork gives the owner the possibility of increasing the capacity of the Luggage compartment from 335 to 1032 litres only due to the transformation of the seatbacks of the rear row.

Independent chassis suspension is implemented by McPherson struts and multi-link scheme, the design takes advantage of the architecture of the front-wheel drive Ford C1, transverse stabilization system and disc-type brake mechanisms. Suspension model with all-wheel drive is different than in other points of attachment and calibration of the shock absorbers.

In different versions of the new Volvo V40 2019 model year offers a selection of modern power units gasoline and diesel range. Power characteristics of standard gasoline-powered drives with parameters of 1.5 l / 150-180 HP and 2 l / 254 HP have not changed significantly.

The new product will also be sold with turbocharged diesel engines with an output of 120, 166 and 190 HP in the basic configuration there is a 6-speed automatic transmission, for top modifications with powerful engines, a tandem with 8-speed analogues is provided.

Gasoline drives have good driving characteristics for their class. In particular, the dynamics of the set of the first hundred cars weighing up to 1.5 tons varies in the range from 6.1 to 8.5 seconds, the upper limits of the maximum speed, respectively, 195 and 210 km / h.

Test drive specified the real fuel consumption in the amount of 5.5-6.4 liters per 100 km of mileage in mixed mode.

The designers also promise to increase the mileage of models with electric motors up to 400 km or more.

The model range of Volvo V40 series was supplemented with several versions of the compact city car Volvo V40 2019. The third generation of the popular car is implemented in the layout with a five-door hatchback body, with a petrol, diesel or electric drive.

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