​Toyota Supra 2019 - all known and unknown facts

The fact that Japanese manufacturer plans to revive legendary coupe Toyota Supra, rumors have been circulating for more than two years. Repeatedly hunters for prototypes showed on spy photos of sports car, thus each time with certain change in design or modified body. Today it is 5th generation, and previous 4th generation sports car Supra A80 was removed from production for another 17 years.


The new serial Toyota Supra A90 officially presented at auto show in Detroit. Despite novelty, sports car is quite reminiscent of 4th generation, but otherwise relies on basis of latest generation BMW Z4. Now consider in more detail new Toyota Supra, its configuration and price.

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The appearance of new sports coupe Toyota Supra really became modern and stylish, but if you look closely, it is possible to learn and previous generation. As before, car body is designed for 2 seats, so you should not expect large sizes. front part of new coupe Toyota Supra 2019-2020 still remained elongated, but main filling has changed.
Front designers added new optics with well-defined lenses, long L - shaped daytime running lights, with small cut to center of sports car. radiator grille of Toyota Supra, as they come, instead, in lower part of bumper, designers have added three mesh panels, as well performing role of aerodynamic guides. couple of additional holes appeared on sides of bumper, just under optics.


On side of new Toyota Supra 2019-2020 meets modern trends. Massive wings, sports doors with air intakes and racks painted black. There is one detail that still decided to make comfortable, not stylish – side rear view mirrors. In prototypes shown in spy photos, both mirrors were narrowed, in production model they are quite standard, with good viewing angle and small mounting leg. standard set of mirrors will be LED turn repeater and electric adjustment, as an option will offer heating and automatic folding.

According to body color, new Toyota Supra is available in:

  • bright red;
  • rich yellow;
  • blue;
  • gray;
  • snowy-white;
  • black.
It is not yet known whether other body shades will be available, but most are bright and saturated. In standard version of car is mounted on 19" signature wheels with 275/35 tires in front and 255/35 in rear. braking system of sports coupe is also modified, disc brakes with diameter of 348 mm are installed along perimeter.for best effect, 4-piston calipers from Brembo are installed in front, 2-piston calipers are installed in back.


Behind new Toyota Supra GR looks no less attractive. Many details resemble first prototype of Toyota FT-1, but with modifications to modern motifs. Coupe received trunk lid in form of "duck tail" and massive bumper. peculiarity of this cover is that top is narrowed to center, and form itself serves as small spoiler, with good aerodynamics.
The hind feet, like many details of new Toyota Supra 2019, are based on LEDs, with pronounced lines. main part of bumper received noticeable notch for license plates and rear view camera. bottom was supplemented with massive splitter, with red fog lights on sides and massive repeater stops in center. last feature in design of Toyota Supra put two large, chrome-plated tip of exhaust system.
The last detail of appearance of Toyota Supra-roof. Unlike prototype, where it was solid, production model received two convex parts on sides and small bend in center. There will be no hatch or panorama in production model, although there was lot of controversy about this. rear window of Toyota Supra also received good slope, which indicates sporty nature of car.


The conclusion about appearance of new Toyota Supra 2019-2020 suggests itself, original, with refined details and reminder of previous 4th generation sports car. Even despite fact that basis was BMW Z4, exterior design will please fans of model.
If appearance of sports coupe Toyota Supra is unique and made in style of Japanese manufacturer, interior of new item will disappoint fans of originality. Previously reviewed new BMW Z4 2018 and sat in salon of new Toyota Supra 2019-2020, at first glance, you can find dozens of identical parts. Even design and forms are closely taken from Bavarian novelty.


The front panel of Toyota Supra 2019-2020 fully resembles BMW Z4, just look at center console. top is decorated with large 12.3 " touch screen multimedia system based on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Exactly same design in form and software, as experts say, everything reminds of BMW, only here in picture Supra. Central tunnel also resembles Bavarian sports car.
The main supra console is deployed towards driver, but not as much as in 4th generation. top is decorated with pair of ducts and chrome line on entire width. Below console there is control panel of audio system and climate control panel. Much more about similarity of new Toyota Supra with BMW Z4 resembles Central tunnel. Elements layout and even design of lever transmission is quite provide origin.
In beginning, designers placed charging panel from USB port, 12V socket and wireless charging. Next on tunnel transmission lever in style of BMW, washer-selector to control multimedia system, as well as buttons Electromechanical handbrake and suspension control.
As already mentioned, interior of new Toyota Supra is designed to land only two passengers. Starting with basic configuration of coupe, manufacturer has installed sports seats with high, monolithic back and electric adjustment. Good lateral support and comfortable fit little distracting from idea that even here designers have not copied from BWM Z4.
Interior trim Toyota Supra 2019-2020 will please, starting with basic configuration. buyer is offered leather covering with combination of Alcantara. According to interior colors of new Supra information is not much, it is known about:

  • black;
  • red;
  • brown;
  • white.
Most likely, that will be available and other shades, besides there is information that it will be possible to sheathe interior to order. As an addition, offer to choose inserts on perimeter of interior of polished aluminum or carbon fiber, which also emphasizes sporty character of new Toyota Supra.
The driver's seat of new coupe Toyota Supra 2019-2020 special uniqueness is not different. instrument panel is digital, based on color 8" display, starting with basic configuration. Depending on wishes of driver, you can choose standard setting of devices or at its discretion to display necessary indicators. benefit of original steering wheel, in style of manufacturer, basis of three spokes with functional buttons. Toyota Supra steering wheel adjustment is also included in basic configuration, height and depth.

Well, interior design of new Toyota Supra 2019 leaves to expect best, as in truest sense of word "stripped" from BMW cars. functional set has everything you need, besides there is function of "digital mirror" and voice control. Most likely, after start of sales will be more information about possible accessories and interior trim Toyota Supra 2019.

The Engine Of Toyota Supra 2020

The basis for new coupe Toyota Supra 2019-2020 engineers used same platform as for BMW Z4. Accordingly, components and assemblies are also modified or reworked. explanation for all this is simple, developments in conjunction with Toyota engaged Agency Gazoo Racing, which developed suspension for BMW Z4. Front mounted MacPherson struts, rear multi-link suspension 5 levers.

Dimensions Of Toyota Supra 2019-2020:

  • Length, mm 4381
  • Width, mm 1854
  • Height, mm 1293
  • Wheelbase, mm 2469
Starting with basic Toyota Supra, new sports coupe is equipped with adaptive shock absorbers and original springs. This made it possible to expand capabilities of suspension, adding two modes of settings: Sport and Normal. main improvement came in fastener of suspension. In new Toyota Supra fasteners account for front and rear subframe. To improve safety of Supra, but without breaking overall weight, engineers have made changes to suspension arms, without exception, all made of aluminum, but stabilizer of transverse stability of heavy-duty steel.
Like previous generation, engine of new Toyota Supra is located in front and rear-wheel drive. Due to this, it was possible to achieve good weight distribution on axes, with ratio of 50:50. Curb weight largely depends on configuration of Supra, but on average it is 1541 kg.as for supra units, while only one is known, and he is taken from BMW.


Features Of Toyota Supra 2019-2020:

  • Turbocharged engine, 6 cylinders
  • A volume of 3.0 l
  • Power, HP 335
  • Torque, Nm 495
  • Rear-wheel drive
To transfer torque to wheels of Toyota Supra, in pair to engine set 8-speed automatic transmission ZF. According to measurements of manufacturer, mark of 96.56 km/h (60 mph) on speedometer Toyota Supra can overcome in 4.1 seconds. This is an indicator that car has become fastest serial, among models of manufacturer. maximum speed of Toyota Supra 2019 is limited by electronics, at around 250 km/h.
The safety and comfort of Toyota Supra 2019-2020
Information about safety of new sports coupe Toyota Supra 2019-2020 is not so much. manufacturer has opened only main parts and security systems, while specifying that after start of sales, they will tell more. While it is known about such systems of safety and comfort Supra GT 2019-2020:

  • front and side airbags;
  • curtain airbags;
  • Keyless access;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • Central mirror with automatic dimming;
  • digital mirror (image output from rear camera to Central display);
  • posterior chamber;
  • rain and light sensors;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • 12 speaker audio system;
  • mirrors;
  • emergency braking system;
  • collision avoidance system;
  • control traffic on strip;
  • steering wheel assistant;
  • adaptive front optics;
  • blind spot monitoring;
  • noise control in reverse;
  • Bluetooth;
  • multimedia system;
  • ability to synchronize gadgets with Central display.
The list is small, but impressive, most likely that after entering dealerships Toyota Supra will open few more assistants and active systems to help driver.
Price and configuration Toyota Supra 2019-2020

  • Standard - $49990;
  • Premium - $53990;
  • Launch Edition - $55250.
Still, it is possible that after appearance of new Toyota Supra in dealerships, price may change slightly. On other hand, there is basic guideline of what equipment and prices should be expected. official start of sales of new sports coupe Toyota Supra is scheduled for summer of 2019, whether novelty is not territory of Russia remains in question.


Having considered legendary, sports coupe Toyota Supra 2019-2020 new, 5th generation, we can say two things. car is clearly not enough originality, especially with regard to interior and individual specifications. On other hand, despite different factors, and several cases of postponing presentation of new products, Toyota Supra 2019 new generation will still go into production.

The fact that Japanese manufacturer plans to revive legendary coupe Toyota Supra, rumors have been circulating for more than two years. Repeatedly hunters for prototypes showed on spy photos of sports car, thus each time with certain change in design or modified body. Today it is 5th generation, and previous 4th generation sports car Supra A80 was removed from production for another 17 years.

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