Toyota RAV4 2018-2019 - technical specifications and fuel economy

Overview of technical characteristics and fuel consumption Toyota RAV4 2018-2019. Dimensions of new item, front and rear suspension, configuration and prices.

Compact crossover Toyota RAV4 is known for its reliability, cross-country and compactness. The latest generation car was unveiled at the New York auto show, in 2018, as a 2019 model. In the North American market, the novelty appeared almost immediately.

Toyota cars have always been famous for a variety of technical characteristics and functional parts. The new crossover Toyota RAV4 2019 was no exception. The choice of the buyer offered two gasoline engines, 2.0 liters and 2.5 liters. to a weaker unit offer to install a 6-speed manual transmission or variator.

As for the powerful engine, the pair operates an 8-speed automatic transmission. The drive of the" brutal " crossover can be of three types: front, plug-in all-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with adaptive torque distribution to the rear wheels. In total, there are 6 complete sets of the new Toyota RAV4 available to choose from. The manufacturer has fully opened the specifications, configuration and prices.

The size and weight of a sedan

Since the generation of the new Toyota RAV4 2018-2019 is not the first, respectively, there is something to compare. The size of the new crossover added centimeters, similarly, as well as kilograms in weight.

The previous generation Toyota RAV4 2015-2018 was a little less long, but already lower. The RAV4 2015 wheelbase was also 30 mm smaller, although the front and rear bumpers were larger.

Not to say that the new generation Toyota RAV4 has changed significantly in size. Crossover received minimal improvements dimensions, while maintaining the status of a compact car.

Technical and dynamic characteristics

As already mentioned, the choice of the buyer offered two gasoline engines, three transmission options and three drive options (front, full and adaptive full). Accordingly, there is plenty to choose from, especially for fans of off-road or country trips.

In addition to the gasoline options for the market in Europe and North America offer a hybrid version of the crossover Toyota RAV4 2019. It is not known whether the new hybrid will be officially brought or it remains available only for other countries. For comparison, let's move the specifications of the hybrid crossover Toyota RAV4 2019.

If we talk about the hybrid version, this crossover Toyota RAV4 is available in 4 trim levels. The main difference is the actuator front or full, respectively, hence depends on the capacity of the unit. In the rest of the same, as gasoline, so and hybrid version of a new crossover have proven themselves only with better hand. Cars are quite pleased with the technical characteristics, respectively, and the dynamics of acceleration.

Brake system and suspension

Suspension a new generation Toyota RAV4 substantially has changed (now in basis of TNGA construction). The engineers essentially took it from the new Camry or Prius. Front features classic spring MacPherson struts and a stabilizer bar. Rear also independent suspension, spring with two double wishbones and stabilizer bar.

As for the brake system, there are only ventilated disc brakes. At the heart of the new crossover Toyota RAV4 installed 17" wheels with tires 225/65, also available 18" or 19" alloy wheels silver or black. Spare wheel crossover is made in the form, full wheel is not provided.

Comparing the optics of the new generation of Toyota RAV4 2019 and generation crossover from 2015 to 2018, the differences are visible to the naked eye. Designers in the truest sense of the word, processed it in a new way. The shape of the front optics is sharp, with pronounced details. Since the basic configuration of the adaptive optics and led. It also has integrated led daytime running lights.

The rear foot of the crossover Toyota RAV4 just got a led basis. With all this, the shape is more reminiscent of the Highlander model. Designers have divided the sector, and in addition emphasized chrome V-shaped line.

Prices and specifications

Despite the fact that the new crossover Toyota RAV4 new generation presented in early 2018. To all this, the prices were not announced until the last, thereby constraining the intrigue for potential buyers. Officially brought to Europe 4 basic configuration, but given the variety of specifications, they are divided into additional modifications.

Between a complete Toyota RAV4 2019 differ in technical characteristics, safety and comfort systems. Especially
As for the latest configuration Prestige Safety, where the manufacturer offers to install an additional package of options and security systems. As for the hybrid version of the Toyota RAV4, in North America the price tag starts at $27850.

Overview of technical characteristics and fuel consumption Toyota RAV4 2018-2019. Dimensions of new item, front and rear suspension, configuration and prices.

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