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Description Atelier tuning: milestones, achievements, features, interesting facts.

In automotive world, you can count dozens of different tuning studios, but not all of them gain worldwide fame and become iconic.


German masters of tuning for long time and unconditionally recognized as best in Europe, objectively unparalleled.

Studio Brabus is now huge holding company, which has in its composition joint venture with Daimler AG, subsidiary of Startech, specializing in tuning Jaguar and Land Rover, restoration Studio, as well as offices engaged in design and decoration of interiors of business jets and yachts.

The name of legendary Studio was formed from combination of names of its founding fathers-Klaus Brakman and Bodo Bushman, who were fond of modifications of Mercedes-Benz models.

In late 70's on power of car is not made special emphasis, providing primarily comfort and aesthetics. idea of creating luxury car was applied to Mercedes SW126, and this was beginning of victorious March of West German company around world.

Orders poured in like cornucopia, mainly from Arab Emirates and other countries of Middle East. It is audacity of specialists Brabus Eastern sheikhs owe appeared on back row of TV with video player – an unreal luxury for 1982.

The next phenomenon was model 190 e sample 1984, which received in the" heart " of phenomenal transplant – 276-horsepower V8 engine from W126. And next year, when engineers got to E-class W124, they reached record that hit Guinness Book.

Due to low ground clearance and aerodynamic body kit specialists Studio managed to get stunningly small drag coefficient — 0.26.
By early 90-ies Mercedes cars "brought to mind" only in German Studio, which at this time was preparing new shock – famous 6.9-liter V12 engine with return of 508 HP for Mercedes-Benz E-class.

In 1995, Brabus showed s-class limousine, which received 500 mm wheelbase, which became trademark" chip " partition between driver and rear passengers, as well as carbon-ceramic brakes. latter fact is all more striking that in world of modern sports cars, they entered only recently, while Germans are actively using them for more than 20 years.

In 1996, another record in Guinness Book-7.3-liter engine, which made e-class sedan world's fastest serial. Then new direction was mastered – work with yachts, at same time company began to do tuning for miniature Smart cars. Subsidiary Startech has worked with models of Chrysler and Jeep, worked on Maybach and McLaren SLR Gelandewagen.

During its bright history, Brabus has repeatedly won title of best tuning Studio, opened hundreds of offices around world, including unique mobile offices in cooperation with Apple, continues to implement most daring technical ideas and set unattainable speed records.


When student of German University Burkard Bovensiepen broke his Fiat 1500, he did not think that self-repair and power increase will be so successful and innovative. He decided to try his hand again, this time on BMW-1500, which not only became more powerful with modifications, but also found its first buyer.

In 1964, BMW was acquainted with activity of brave engineer, by testing two-chamber carburetors Bovensiepen. Units after upgrade were so practical and effective that company did not remove their cars from warranty after this kind of improvements. Inspired by approval of auto giant, Bovensiepen opens its own tuning Studio.

Where else to demonstrate dynamic qualities of cars, if not in Motorsport? first victory of racing team was won in 1970 at competition "24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps". BMW3.0 CS was specially modified for this race and for first time received 20-spoke wheels, which soon became hallmark of brand.

Since 1978, company leaves race tracks for development of civil transport, and in 1983 registered with Ministry of transport as full-fledged automaker with right to assign their models VIN-numbers.

Among outstanding achievements of brand-the fastest sedan Alpina B10 Bi-Turbo sample of 1989 and transmission Switch-Tronic, which is "machine" with function of manual speed shift with button on steering wheel.

For its anniversary in 1999, company released most powerful serial diesel car-D10 Bi-Turbo based on fifth series E39, whose engine produced 245 HP. It was most powerful diesel sedan in world, which was produced commercially.

One of latest achievements of Alpina can be called 608-horsepower sedan B7 bi-turbo, in "heart" of which — V12 engine accelerates to hundreds of kilometers in 3.7 seconds.

Hennessey Performance

The brainchild of former racing driver John Hennessy is located in Texas in 1991 and has fame of one of most productive in world.
Participating in famous American Race Pikes Peak Hill Climb, Hennessy himself adjusted settings of his car.

The established speed record inspired driver to continue his research, as result of which his own tuning Studio was born. Together with team of mechanics, he first took up Japanese cars: Toyota Supra, Mazda RX7, Mitsubishi 3000 GT, which became "test of pen" and did not go into mass production.

The real success was work on one of first models of Dodge Viper, which with updated power received speed indicators in 217 km/h and opportunity to participate in any world competitions.

The next 3 years, company successfully works for benefit of Dodge, by 1997 carried away by monstrous 10-cylinder Chrysler cars.

Acquaintance with Californian millionaire Don Goldman provided Studio not only financial support, but also new ideas from ardent fan of speed and beautiful cars.

The fruits of partnership were Ford GT, which managed to bring for an incredible for 1998 200 mph, and then package of upgrades for Cadillac CTS-V, increasing its power to 654 HP.

But most spectacular creation is Hennessey Performance SUV Hennessey Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with engine of 1000 HP, accelerates this monster just 2.8 s. Such phenomenal performance can't even boast of many famous supercars.

Today Henessey has not only wide dealer network, but also its own school, preparing professional mechanics and engineers for automotive tuning.

Mugen Motorsports

Presented by his father-the legendary founder of Honda Soichiro Honda-a copy of newly released Civic was an incentive for his son Hirotoshi to open his own tuning workshop.

Together with friend, racing driver Masao Kimura, first years they worked on automotive and motorcycle engines, but for competition Formula Japan 1300 in 1973, experts have already presented their own car Mugen. And by 1977 absolutely all Japanese races were won by MF-318 car with modified engine from Civic 1300cc.

Wide popularity among ordinary buyer company acquired in 1984 when began to let out first serial alloy wheels unique by design and functionality.

At same time, Studio entered American market with author's aerodynamic body kits for Civi, and released an interesting hatchback Honda Ballade CR-X Pro to domestic market.

In 80s Mugen Motorsports actively cooperates with Formula 1, installing their powertrains on Tyrrell, Lotus, Ligier, Jordan, Prost GP. first Japanese supercar Honda NSX also owes its appearance to Mugen, from which automaker borrowed number of ideas.

For 2000 years Studio had to be proud of their convertible S2000, equipment, improvements latest for boosted engines, private series wheels for Accord sedan, coupe, Integra, turned into race cars for circuit racing.

Honda fans are sure that no other Studio will be able to "pump" their favorite cars better than Mugen specialists. That is why narrow specialization has become main advantage and key to success of company, for its long life modernized almost every detail of Honda.


German Brabus, American Hennessy, British Kahn Design, even Russian Top Car-or specialize in spectacular appearance, or to improve dynamic characteristics. But all of them are designed to make models they got for revision best, most unique externally or internally.

Description Atelier tuning: milestones, achievements, features, interesting facts.

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