​Takata airbags were the reason for the recall of another 1.4 million cars

Due to defective airbags, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi cars will be sent for service around the world

Defective airbags of the Japanese company Takata caused another large-scale recall of cars. This time, 1.4 million cars of BMW, Audi, Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi brands will go to service, the kits for which were delivered between 1995 and 1999. It is reported by Automotive News.

An investigation by the National highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA) found the likelihood of airbags using components that excessively absorb moisture. This can lead to a rupture of the pillow during operation, and to its insufficient filling. The defect caused the death of a motorist in Australia, as well as two cases of serious injuries.

Faulty Takata airbags have caused the most massive vehicle recalls in history. In total, more than 40 million cars of several dozen major brands were sent to the service worldwide.

The main fault is associated with defective pyro-patrons, because of which they can be opened incorrectly and cause serious injuries to drivers and passengers. The official investigation was able to prove 16 deaths and about 200 cases of serious injuries caused by defective components of pillows. In 2017, the company Takata declared bankruptcy.

The beginning of the problem

Japanese airbag maker Takata has declared bankruptcy. According to Kyodo, the debts of the Japanese company exceeded nine billion dollars. Takata cases have already been transferred to the American concern Key Safety Systems. Most of the assets of the Japanese airbag manufacturer will also go to this company.

In 2015, Takata was fined $ 70 million in the United States. Later it became known that in this country more than 10 people became victims of faulty automobile airbags of Takata.

In the spring of 2016, Japan's Ministry of transport announced the recall of another 7 million vehicles due to Takata airbags. In addition, the recall of 21 million cars reported the largest buyer of airbags Takata Honda Motor Co.

The reason for the malfunction of Takata airbags is the use of ammonium nitrate in them, which can lead to incorrect operation. The substance deteriorates over time, and in regions with warm and humid climates, this happens faster, and can lead to an explosion of the pillow when triggered. The second scandal finally bankrupted the company.

Due to defective airbags, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi cars will be sent for service around the world

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