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​Subaru will release a charged wagon

In the near future, the Japanese manufacturer Subaru intends to launch a "hot" wagon, which will be named Levorg STI.

Representatives of the company emphasize that the car is primarily designed for the native Japanese market, so fans of the brand can only expect that the Subaru management will reconsider its decision and present the car in other world markets.

Unfortunately, no accurate information about the new Subaru Levorg the company did not report, and to judge the appearance of the car can be two teasers, which were presented the day before. The charged wagon will receive a branded hexagonal grille, slightly slanted head optics with stylish led strips.

The car will also get a stylish and dynamic profile, inflated wheel arches and a small spoiler, which is a continuation of the slightly sloping roof. If you compare the car with the current generation of Outback, the Levorg STI looks sportier and dynamic.

The company does not report any information about the future technical characteristics of the model, but in 2015 the company's management showed a prototype of the levorg wagon, which was equipped with a 2-liter 304-horsepower turbo engine with a 6-level transmission. A similar power unit is installed on the model WRX S4, offered exclusively on the Japanese market.

The cost of the hot wagon is also not disclosed and will be known in June, when the automaker will officially present the serial version of the wagon to the General public.


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