​Sedans with a large trunk: TOP 5 2019

Characteristics and descriptions of sedans with large Luggage compartment: top 5 models, technical points, photos.

Let's admit that we love sedans not only for their solid appearance, but also a very impressive amount of Luggage. Some have more, some have less. What to choose-everyone decides for himself. If you are looking for reliable sedans at an affordable price, and even with a really large Luggage compartment, then our today's top is for you.

5th place – Renault Logan

Renault Logan – a good choice for those who are looking for a decent sedan with a good clearance and a very roomy Luggage compartment. The boot capacity, Renault Logan 510 liters. Well, this is a good result, so strong business executives have something to think about.

In the first generations of Renault Logan, to increase the volume of the trunk, it was necessary to manually dismantle the rear row of seats, which was not always convenient. As for the new modifications, the folding of the backrest is carried out with the help of a special mechanism.

The Luggage compartment of the Renault Logan does not differ in anything remarkable – everything is like an ordinary raised sedan. Finishing is simple, there is a full-size suspension, and closer to the cabin compartment located Luggage loops, which are also equipped with springs.

The initial price of Logan is a little more than 570 thousand. For this amount, a good version of Access is offered, which differs in the following options:
  • hydraulic booster;
  • Central locking;
  • one airbag.
Want more? Then welcome to the pre-top configuration Drive, which added rear electric lifts, a good audio system, as well as a light bulb in the glove compartment.Regardless of these configurations, the volume of the trunk remains unchanged – all the same 510 liters. If this is not enough, do not despair. The manufacturer has taken care of the possibility of mounting an additional Luggage structure on the roof.Despite the strong side racks Logan, overdo it with the load is not necessary.

4th place – Lada Granta

Granta is famous for its huge clearance, which brings it literally to the standard crossovers. However, no less outstanding is the volume of the trunk Lada Grant-520 liters.The organization of the trunk is almost identical with the" relative " Datsun: the finish is simple, the loops go inside. The main difference is that now the trunk is not opened with a key, but with a special button, which is located near the license plate.Lada Granta technical base is familiar to many:
  • MacPherson front suspension;
  • rear-independent beam;
  • three available engines: eight-valve 87 HP (basic version), sixteen-valve 106 HP and 98-horsepower engine with an index of 21126;
The main advantages of the Luggage compartment Lada Granta include not only its impressive volume, but also the possibility of increasing it by folding the rear seats. In this case, the volume of the trunk of the car will increase to 960 liters, but only if there are no headrests in the rear seats.

3rd place – Datsun On-Do

Double of our previous participant, which is not only affordable price, but also a very impressive trunk volume-530 liters. The increased volume of the trunk was achieved thanks to the larger rear overhang of the car. In all other respects Datsun On-Do practically differs nothing from Granta if not to consider such nuances as a new suspension bracket, and also noise isolation. Of the missed-the lack of bright restyling.Trunk in Datsun, as befits a budget sedan, nothing but a good volume can not boast. The only thing that attracts attention is the fabric upholstery. Everything else is simple, but tasteful. The engineer should be scolded for loops that take away part of the volume of the trunk. Fortunately, the opening is wide, so there are no problems with loading. Under the floor is a full-size spare tire.I wonder how many bags of potatoes will fit in such a trunk? Well, let's do some simple calculations. One bag holds four 12-liter buckets of potatoes. Multiply, divide and get that theoretically in the trunk of the Datsun with its 530 liters of volume will fit 11 bags. The weight of all bags will be a little more than 350 kilograms, based on the fact that one bucket weighs 8 kilograms. In principle, the load capacity of the car declared by the manufacturer fully corresponds to our calculations.The most expensive Datsun is 130 thousand more expensive than the intermediate version. Here you get an automatic transmission, a good multimedia system, Parking sensors, light and rain sensor, and the front airbags were completed with side ones.

2nd place – Peugeot 408

The silver medalist of our top – Peugeot 408. The French have tried very well to make their offspring incredibly popular in the market. No wonder, because the 408 is an affordable diesel version, solid dimensions and very good ground clearance. And 408 is almost a record trunk volume of 560 liters.The trunk is not just large, but also the correct shape, so there are no problems with loading. The finish is decent, the full-size spare is there, and the annoying hinges here have been replaced with gas stops, which raise the lid.Of course, the model is not new, but this year it continues to be in great demand among buyers. Unlike its "relative" Citroen C4, 408 for the manufacturer does not offer a gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 150 HP Remained only atmospheric VTi, as well as diesel volume of 1.6 liters and 114 HP As for the boxes, there are not only 5 and 6-speed "mechanics", but also" automatic " Aisin, which is equipped exclusively with a gasoline engine.

1st place – Geely Amgrand 7

The winner of our top today was Geely Amgrand 7. This is another update of the Amgrand sedan, which this year is in good demand in the market.In China, you can find a newer version of the car, but in our market decided to stay only in the interim. Front-MacPherson, and rear – post-dependent beam.It's all interesting, but now we're interested in something else – the trunk. Just think about these indicators: sedan length of 4.6 meters has a trunk volume of 680 liters. Unbelievable! While the Toyota Corolla with a similar overall length has a trunk of only 470 liters, Geely Amgrand 7 just beats all imaginable and unimaginable records.We did not just make Amgrand 7 in the first place of our top, because in 2019 no one got close to it. It should be noted only that the finish of the trunk is quite simple. There is a dock, and the trunk lid is secured with hinges, so some of the useful volume is lost.As for the technical base, here we have the following:
  • The motor range includes two gasoline engines. One volume of 1.5 liters and with a capacity of 103 HP, and the second 1.8 liters and a capacity of 133 HP.
  • The one-and-a-half unit is paired with a 5-speed transmission.
  • The 1.8-liter engine received a variator with a multi-disc clutch.
The basic version of Geely Amgrand 7 includes everything you need not only for a comfortable but also safe ride. There are no side airbags, but the fifth point of the driver and front passenger will always be warm.In fact, if you do not pay attention to the price, namely the size of your car, its class and directly the size of the trunk, you can select a lot of cars that would accommodate at least half a cube. However, the difference in 5-10 liters does not play a big role.

Characteristics and descriptions of sedans with large Luggage compartment: top 5 models, technical points, photos.

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