​Porsche Taycan 2019-2020 review - specifications and photos

Overview of the new Porsche Taycan 2019-2020: appearance, interior, specifications, configuration, parameters, security systems and price.

It is no secret that the era of electric cars has already started and now find a new model in this direction is much easier than 10 years ago. Porsche decided to keep up with the innovations and presented its charged version. One of the brightest representatives of the Porsche family was the new electric car Taycan. Officially, the novelty was presented on September 4, 2019 at the Frankfurt motor show. Previously, the manufacturer has repeatedly shown the novelty in camouflage, revealed some details and strongly tuned fans to the appearance of the production model.

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The appearance of the new electric car Porsche Taycan inherited from the prototype Porsche Mission E, presented in 2015. Interestingly, the new electric car received not only the laid design, but also many small details, except for the door handles. Designers did their best to preserve the family design of the company, recognizable by other models with an internal combustion engine. One such example might be the Porsche Panamera, as the similarities are huge. The main difference is that the Panamera is a 5-door liftback, but the new Taycan is a 4 - door sedan, while the sedan has two trunks, front and rear.Following the new optics, the Porsche Taycan sedan received the original front bumper and hood. The lower part of the bumper is decorated with a grille for blowing the battery, there are also various sensors and sensors. The hood of the new Taycan also changed shape, if compared with the Panamera.


If the appearance of the Porsche Taycan still somehow resembles the previously presented models of the company, the interior turned out to be unique, with a completely new design and technology. The development and design of the front panel surpassed even the Range Rover Velar. There are 5 colour touch-screen displays available for the driver and passengers, not including the backlight displays on the headrests of the front seats, which are installed as an option.Yes, it's true, the front panel is literally stuffed with touch screens, which are responsible for managing systems or displaying the necessary information. The face of the panel in the basic configuration of the Porsche Taycan received a 10.9 " touch screen multimedia, with voice control. The basis for multimedia simultaneously served as modified Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For a separate surcharge, the manufacturer offers to install another such display at 10.9", next to the multimedia, but purely for the front passenger. It is worth noting that these displays can work in pairs, thereby showing one solid picture or even independently, responsible for different tasks.The Central tunnel of the Porsche Taycan is modern and expressive. At the very beginning, there are a pair of straight-pull air ducts, and below the vertical 8.4 " touch screen, responsible for the management of safety, comfort and climate control systems. The Central tunnel of the electric car is sheathed with high-quality leather and inserts made of natural wood. In addition to the Central display, the designers added a pair of Cup holders and a massive armrest with many useful functions inside (recharging, cooling drinks, etc.).

Technical parameters

Did not reduce the power and the unit of the new Porsche Taycan 2020, this part is most interesting for motorists. The basis for the new electric car was an entirely new platform Premium Platform Electric (PPE), jointly developed by engineers of Porsche and Audi. All electrical components are located as compactly as possible, as well as auxiliary units. The engineers integrated the traction battery into the frame part of the floor of the new Taycan.This move allowed to improve the dynamic characteristics of the new Porsche Taycan. Under the hood there is more free space for an additional trunk, as well as providing a low center of gravity. Another plus of this electric car is that it is the first on-Board system which operates with a voltage of 800 Volts. Many electric vehicles are limited to 400-480 Volts. This mechanism has its advantages.To create wiring at 800 Volts, fewer wires are used, as well as wires with a smaller cross section. This not only simplifies the laying process, but also reduces the overall weight of all electrical wiring Porsche Taycan. The on-Board network played an equally important role in charging the lithium-ion battery. It will take half the time to fully charge.The 93.4 kW Porsche Taycan battery consists of 33 individual modules and 396 cells. For better and stable performance, the engineers used water cooling. As the measurements showed, with the help of a charging station for 270 kW, you can charge the electric car up to 80% in 22.5 minutes. The manufacturer also clarifies that the battery is much more reliable than its competitors. It can withstand up to 10 extreme overclocks, overcoming the mark of 100 km / h or 4 such acceleration with a mark of 200 km / h. At the same time, according to the manufacturer, the battery life of Porsche Taycan is about 8 years (or 160,000 kilometers). The full battery life is about 15 years.The main traction part of the Porsche Taycan sedan consists of two synchronous electric motors, which are installed transversely one on each axle. Accordingly, here, the drive of the electric vehicle is always full. The suspension of the new Taycan is fully pneumatic with active stabilizers, which allows you to choose the mode of movement from the softest to the hard, sports. On such a capacity must be appropriate brake system. Standard equipment received ventilated disc brakes, and for the top version of the Porsche Taycan Turbo S rely carbon-ceramic brakes.Power and control between the Porsche Taycan engines is distributed as follows. The electric motor on the front axle, transmits power directly, due to the single-stage gear transmission. As for the second engine, on the rear axle, it works through planetary gear, which allows you to significantly increase the maximum speed of the Porsche Taycan. Also on the rear axle is a differential, with locking, controlled by electronics.

Safety and comfort systems

The modern electric – the modern system of security and comfort. The manufacturer did not save money, offering a full list of features that only exists in its Arsenal. In the list of Porsche Taycan is listed:
  • full package of airbags;
  • Parking assistance system;
  • system of the circular review;
  • night vision system;
  • control when changing lanes at the time of movement;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • Keyless access;
  • driver status monitoring;
  • projection display;
  • digital instrument panel;
  • multimedia system;
  • mobile 4G LTE;
  • Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • remote control via smartphone;
  • adaptive front optics;
  • traffic assistance system in traffic jams;
  • climate control.
This is a minimal list of what the manufacturer offered as a standard set in the new Porsche Taycan. Most likely there will be a few more active systems to help the driver. In addition to the powerful characteristics of the Porsche Taycan, I would like to note the handling. It surpasses the main competitor Tesla Model S. the New electric car Porsche easily passed the test "bypass elk" at a speed of 97 km / h, while Tesla failed the test at a speed of 90 km / h. Accordingly, the maneuverability of the Porsche Taycan is at an altitude of.


Well, the engineers and designers of the Porsche Taycan electric car managed to withstand the external design of the company, modernize the interior to meet modern requirements, as well as at the same time keep the charged and aggressive nature of the sports car. In all likelihood, the presented configuration is just a start and in the future will be presented new versions of the Porsche Taycan, with an expanded list of features and security systems.

Overview of the new Porsche Taycan 2019-2020: appearance, interior, specifications, configuration, parameters, security systems and price.

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