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Japanese brand Honda last year finally introduced its high-tech supercar NSX. Stock cars are already in hands of owners, and famous Japanese company Liberty decided to prepare set of tuning for those who seem boring standard NSX.

Brief review


Honda NSX-a sports car with an engine in middle of car, and produced by Honda since 1990. In North American countries it was supplied under brand Acura. When designing car, large number of new solutions were applied. For example, it was first car in which body and chassis were made of aluminum, equipped with an absolute electric power steering and gas pedal, engine was made with V-shaped cylinders and gained as much as 8 000 rpm., connecting rods were made of titanium and supplied with spark plugs made of platinum.

• Brand name: Honda

• Country of origin: Japan

• Year: 202

• Body type: Coupe

What was in beginning


Car Honda NSX was designed for competitiveness of such machines as Porsche and Ferrari. Why in such machines motor is mounted in base? To more steadily disperse weight, because then car will be able to quickly overcome turns – this is what Japanese engineers have introduced. To create Honda was built new plant, which invited most professional employees of company. production of one NSX took about 40 hours, and production and Assembly of engine was carried out only in manual mode. Each motor was assembled by one person. Talented driver Ayrton Senna was also involved in setting up chassis and are positive about it. Once he after test, he said: "When at speed of 270 km/h, I strongly pressed brakes, car stopped as dug without slightest skidding. Moreover Honda NSX coupe took part in filming of movie "Fast And Furious – 4", and which was managed by MIA Torreto (Jordan Brewster).

Of course, supercar Honda NSX even in stock performance looks very bright. But Japanese decided not to trifle, and radically redesigned appearance of car in its unique style. Honda NSX in performance of Liberty Walk differs from standard little-a new front splitter, sills, rear wing and diffuser.


The individual models were mounted sports seats from company Recaro. passenger and car Manager were separated by Central tunnel. Honda includes steering wheel, sports tabs, motor racing gauge panel and highlighting red flowers, giving aggression.

Aluminum pads on pedals gave energy, and small shift knob depending on modification, which has either leather or titanium finish allows you to feel elegant.


Technical Parameters

Honda NSX had pair of gasoline engines V6 with volume of 3.0 liters and an outstanding 270 HP and went along with 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic transmission. After 1997 was slightly more powerful unit with volume of 3.2 litres developing 290 HP

It was synchronized with updated 6-speed manual transmission or improved automatic transmission. Although this car did not come with turbochargers, like Toyota and Nisan brands, but thanks to its considerable speed it could compete with turbocharged Japanese.

One of specifics of appearance of coupe was multi-layer painting of body-auto cover 23 differing in structure of paint layer, including specialized aviation, which could protect parts made of aluminum from corrosion. NSX cab racks made as thin as possible in order to increase visibility of car.

Side of body were large air intakes. Similar found its place in main section of bumper, front. After 2002, there was small facelift, after which rising headlights of front lighting were replaced by standard with optics and xenon. restyling touched on style of hood and standing in front of bumper, where to place round air intake in main section seemed to trapezoidal. Very original design received rear lights - they were stretched to entire rear of car, and rear wing was equipped with an auxiliary brake light.


Coupe sports character could provide only two seats, which means that interior of car was fully aimed at driver of car and sitting next to passenger. In standard modification of NSX were mounted comfortable with extra-long seats and expressed support on sides of seat with built-in headrests.

The Japanese car was produced in body of Targa and coupe. Targa was positioned as NSX-T and they were preferably calculated for United States, hence their suspension was made much softer. Moreover NSX-T weighs more than his brother option at 45 kg, which does not allow it to be suitable for cornering at speeds. company decided to make bottom of Honda coupe flat in order to increase downforce of car. rare body of brand with forward-shifted cab was designed on rear-wheel-drive platform with wheelbase of 2530 mm. dimensions of sports car for entire biography of production changed only once – in 1994, engineers were able to add body length of 20 mm.

But Japanese did not touch engine. power plant NSX, recall, consists of 500-horsepower twin-turbo V6 engine with volume of 3.5 liters, as well as three electric motors that are connected to lithium-ion batteries. total capacity of unit is 573 horsepower.

Hard to imagine how car will feel on public roads, and to appear there, he most likely will not be tuning clearly designed for visiting exhibitions.

Japanese brand Honda last year finally introduced its high-tech supercar NSX. Stock cars are already in hands of owners, and famous Japanese company Liberty decided to prepare set of tuning for those who seem boring standard NSX.

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