​New Skoda Octavia 2020 – first characteristics, photos

In Prague seen Skoda Octavia 4th generation. Presented photos, characteristics, details of new items.

It is no secret that in the near future will present a new 4th generation Skoda Octavia 2020. The official date of the premiere was named November 11, 2019. The other day, before the official show, in Prague was seen a new Skoda Octavia without camouflage. This is the last test of a production version of the car in urban environments. From the current 3rd generation novelty differs redesigned front part, where you can see the features of the new Superb and Scala. The front of the new Skoda Octavia was decorated with narrow led headlights, based on the latest version of Matrix LED.

What new in the exterior

The hind feet also received a led base paired with dynamic turn indicators. Another point, instead of the usual logo is now a large inscription of the company "Skoda". According to manufacturers, the new Skoda Octavia is still offered in the sedan and wagon.

The change of generation will bring a small increase in length, which will now be more than 4.7 meters. This increase in size allowed to make the interior more spacious, as well as to increase the size of the Luggage compartment. Presumably the volume will be 610 liters for the new sedan and 630 liters for the wagon Skoda Octavia.

Technical data

Under the hood of the new generation Skoda Octavia fourth generation is likely to remain the same units. Among the gasoline engines will be listed 3-cylinder TSI, 1.0 liter, as well as two 4-cylinder engine TSI, 1.5 and 2.0 liters. The choice of the buyer will also be available diesel units.

It is possible that the emergence of a new generation of models can bring in a family of hybrid equipment. The hybrid can be based on an installation from the Golf GTE or the new Seat Leon PHEV. Over time, the manufacturer has promised to present a sports version of the Skoda Octavia RS.

In Prague seen Skoda Octavia 4th generation. Presented photos, characteristics, details of new items.

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