​Mitsubishi L200 2020: an old new friend

Description and characteristics Mitsubishi L200 2020: technical filling, price tag, exterior, interior filling, features.

In early November 2018 in Thailand, the presentation of the restyled version of the pickup Mitsubishi Triton, which in our market is better known as the L200. Here it is worth noting that the model is a real bestseller in the model range of the company, so Mitsubishi has high hopes for the novelty.

In comparison with the pre-styling version, the car received a noticeably redesigned appearance, slightly improved interior design and a number of technical innovations designed to bring the pleasure of using the car to a higher level.


The exterior of the new Mitsubishi L200 is made in the corporate style of Dynamic Shield.

The front part of the body attracts the eye aggressively narrowed headlights head optics, massive grille with elements of X-design, as well as a powerful front bumper and a large section combined in one block fog lights, turn signals and running lights.

The dynamic profile of the pickup flaunts almost square wheel arches, a J-shaped contour between the cargo area and the cabin, huge burdocks of exterior mirrors and a billowing window line.

The rear of the car shows a new bumper, a hinged lid of the cargo compartment and modified vertically oriented dimensional LED-lights, which are already offered in the basic equipment.

Above the road the car rises at least 205 mm, which allows you to confidently storm any city obstacles and not to pass on the road, which has long been one of the key features of the model.

In the top versions, the height of the ground clearance is increased to 220 mm. Special attention should be paid to the cargo compartment, the length, width and depth of which is 1520, 1470 and 475 mm, respectively.

The choice of buyers offered a palette of 9 colors of the body, where we especially like the color "metallic blue", "orange mother of pearl" and "red".


The interior of the restyled Mitsubishi L200 received far fewer changes than its exterior. In front of the driver is a stylish 4-spoke multi-wheel and a well-readable dashboard, represented by a pair of analog dials and a small color LCD display of the route computer.
On the center console there is a touch-screen display of the media information center, and directly below it an intuitive control unit of the interior climate. The quality of finishing materials has increased significantly – for example, armrests and inserts on the doors have become much softer.

Technical parameters

Under the hood of the Mitsubishi L200 can be installed one of two 2.4-liter diesels with direct fuel injection, 16-valve timing and chain drive:
  • Junior-generates 154 "horsepower" and peak 380 Nm of torque, which are available at 3500 and 1500-2500 rpm.
  • Senior-reproduces 181 HP and 430 Nm of rotational thrust, which are available at 3500 and 2500 rpm.
The Junior engine can be paired with a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission, while the senior is equipped with an exclusively automatic transmission.Depending on the power of the power plant and the pre-installed gearbox, the pickup can accelerate to the limit of 169-177 km / h and spend an average of about 7.1-7.5 liters for every 100 km of distance traveled.Note that in some markets, the car will also be available with a 2.5-liter 78-horsepower diesel and a 2.4-liter 128-horsepower gasoline powertrain.Already in the base restyled L200 is equipped with a multi-mode all-wheel drive transmission and two-stage distributor. In the standard driving mode, the drive is transferred to the rear axle, and if necessary, part of the torque can be transferred to the front axle.In top-end equipment, the pickup is equipped with a more advanced system with a symmetrical axle differential and 4 modes of operation.Off-road capabilities, as before, on top. This is facilitated not only by traction diesel engines, high ground clearance and four-wheel drive, but also excellent geometric permeability. The exit and exit angles are 30 and 24 degrees, respectively, and the ramp angle is 24 degrees.At the heart of the Mitsubishi L200 is a modified "truck" predecessor, located on a powerful frame ladder type. The body of the car is mostly made of high-strength steel, which has a positive impact on passive safety.The front suspension flaunts a double-lever design, and the rear has a continuous axle with leaf springs. Steering is represented by rack and pinion mechanism and power steering, and braking is standard answer 16-inch front wheels with ventilation system and rear 11.6-inch drum mechanisms.

Description and characteristics Mitsubishi L200 2020: technical filling, price tag, exterior, interior filling, features.

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