​Mazda 3 TCR 2020 – Mazda's new racing hatch

Characteristics, description and overview Mazda 3 TCR 2020: technical component, exterior, interior design, price tag, photo.

Just a few days ago, the management of Mazda presented to the public a special version of the hatchback Mazda 3 TCR, developed in conjunction with the company Long Road Racing. The novelty is created for participation in the international races of the TCR series, as you can guess from the name of the model.

The car received a challenging exterior design, complemented by a scattering of aerodynamic elements of the body. Unfortunately, the manufacturer decided to keep the intrigue, so very little is known about it.


Hatchback Mazda 3 TCR has a spectacular and dynamic appearance, however, and the usual "three-piece" looks stylish and quite aggressive.

The "muzzle" of the novelty flaunts the signature look of squinted head optics, a large 7-carbon false radiator grille and an aerodynamically efficient front bumper, complemented by large air intakes and a sports splitter.

The dynamic profile shows a long hood, strongly piled up towards the stern of the front struts, rising up the window line, alloy wheels of exclusive design and sports "skirts".

Behind the car is equipped with a large aerodynamic spoiler that increases downforce, formidable marker lights, a massive rear bumper with a powerful diffuser and a centrally located exhaust pipe.

The height of the ground clearance of the standard Mazda 3 is 135 mm, but the TCR version it is clearly less – at least 10 mm. This is done in order to provide better aerodynamics and improve the already excellent handling of the hatchback.


Unfortunately, Mazda decided not to show the interior design of the racing "three-piece" TCR, but remembering the previous racing versions of the models of the company, we can assume that it is not much different from the standard version.

This means that the driver is offered a convenient multi-wheel and a well-readable dashboard, where the main information is displayed on three large dials. On top of the center console resides an 8.8-inch infotainment center screen, which is available in all model modifications.

It's not hard to guess that the front seats are sporty or perhaps bucket-shaped. But the rear sofa or completely repeats that of the usual Mazda 3 or not at all, which would be logical, given the racing orientation of the TCR version.

Even the regular version of the Mazda 3 demonstrates high-quality finishing materials, perfect Assembly and verified ergonomics. Therefore, it is not necessary to expect anything else from the racing version of the hatchback.

The volume of the trunk has not changed-358 liters, which is not a record figure, but it corresponds to the average value for this class of cars.

Technical parameters

It is known that the movement of the racing hatchback will be driven by a 4-cylinder gasoline engine, forced to 350 "horses" and 490 Nm of torque. But the volume of the power plant, as well as its dynamic characteristics are not specified.

But, we think, no one will be surprised if the acceleration from 0 to 100 Mazda 3 TCR will need less than 5 seconds., and the top speed will exceed 250 km / h. By the way, paired with the motor will work 6-speed manual transmission.

Price and equipment

The exact list of equipment was not announced, but the price tag decided not to hide. To become the owner of the "three-piece" TCR, you will have to pay at least 175 thousand dollars, while the car will be available for purchase not for everyone.

The racing debut of the novelty is scheduled for 26.01.2020 and will be held within the 24-hour race Daytona.


Mazda 3 TCR – a very interesting car, which the company intends to "play muscles" and prove that they can and know how to build racing models that can compete with the best racing "stables" of the world.

Characteristics, description and overview Mazda 3 TCR 2020: technical component, exterior, interior design, price tag, photo.

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