Lexus RX fix: what you need to know not to "fly" on the money

Article about repair Lexus RX: the main characteristics of the car, characteristic problems, breakdowns, repair, reviews.

When Toyota started developing the Lexus, the company's goal was to create a premium car that would surpass the rest of the market in this segment.

The manufacturer succeeded. But no one, even the most ideal car, can work forever and can not have "weaknesses". Lexus RX, being a reliable and stylish car, is also no exception to this rule. To make the car happy for a long time, it is worth knowing in advance what features can wait for the car owner when repairing.

Key features of Lexus RX

The RX was released in 1999. The basis for the creation of the car was the Toyota carmy platform. In the first generation SUV had a permanent four-wheel drive and chetyrehdiapazonnuyu box-machine (later replaced by a six-band modification), as well as the steering rack-and-pinion type, bearing body structure and independent candlestick suspension.

The next generation models have grown in size, got rid of a number of parts that showed during the operation of the first version of its imperfection, replacing them with more perfect. Also the car got more impressive Arsenal of various technical knots, additions and adaptations on the basis of electronics.

The modern modification of the model comes in two versions: the usual gasoline engine with six cylinders of 2.7 to 3.5 liters, issuing 277 HP at the output, and the hybrid "gasoline + electrical installation" with a capacity of up to 299 HP, where the electric motor is responsible for the movement of the rear wheels.

High quality car Assembly is Toyota's calling card. For this manufacturer are not uncommon instances of Lexus, which, after 200 and more thousand km, had a history of only replacing consumables (filters, brake pads, etc.).

The most typical problems

With all the advantages of the model, there is still a fairly specific list of faults typical for it. To avoid unpleasant moments with the repair of the car, it is necessary to be familiar with this list in advance and know how to most effectively prevent the occurrence of damage.

Failure of the transmission

Traditionally it is believed that used in many models of Toyota four-speed automatic transmission U140 E/F-unit reliable, a few hundred kilometers for him-not the time. But the irony of the situation is that it is the owners of Lexus RX, this perfect node seems to be able to present a number of unpleasant surprises.

The essence of the problem is that the weight and engine capacity of the model is considerable. This leads to the fact that at low gear planetary gears receive a load bordering on the critical. Prolonged slip of the car or riding in a sporty style lead to the exit of the "machine" out of order.

To avoid this repair, or, in any case, as much as possible to move it in time, provided that you adhere to a competent driving style, as well as perform the following actions:
  • install an additional oil cooler, which will contribute to additional cooling of the automatic transmission oil;
  • correctly, on time to perform oil and filter changes;
  • also, do not forget that the quality of oil for the automatic transmission is extremely critical for the normal operation of the automatic transmission model U140.

Lexus RX chassis problems

The purpose of the silent block is to level the vibrations that occur when the roughness of the road surface in the places of the main suspension mounts. If you do not change the silent block in time, the car may roll, steering on turns may give a slow reaction, and the car itself when driving in a straight line - "go" to the side. The most deplorable result of negligent attitude to the state of the silent block is a complete replacement of the suspension.

Failure of brake discs

This problem of the Lexus RX is due, again, to the weight of the SUV. Brake discs, forced to work with a large car weight, wear out faster. It is for this reason that it is better to check the brake system of the SUV whenever any diagnostics of the car is carried out.
Typical problems with the failure of the brake discs Lexus RX can be:
  • extraneous sounds at low speeds when the brakes are activated;
  • beating or vibration when the brake pedal is pressed.
  • Repair of the brake system Lexus RX has an important nuance: all parts of the system must be produced by the same manufacturer. This prolongs the life of the brake system and avoids many problems.
Choosing when repairing the brake system to replace, you should pay attention to the driving style. When driving in the city, a system rated at 370 degrees Celsius is usually sufficient. But if the owner prefers a sporty riding style, it is better to choose a system that will withstand load temperatures up to 480 degrees.

The failure of the air suspension

The main "culprit" of this failure – the road surface and the presence of winter reagents. The first to suffer pneumatic cylinders of the open type. Getting damaged, they cease to keep the pressure than increase the load on the compressor, seeking to maintain the falling pressure in the system.

Failure of engine valve springs

Such a breakdown is rather typical not for all RX models, but for the 2012 models. It was in that year that a defective batch of springs was used in the Assembly of the Lexus RX. When this became known, Toyota launched a large-scale campaign to eliminate the defect.
Cars of 2012 of release were recalled and checked, and the defective springs in their engines are replaced with qualitative. Of course, one hundred percent solution to the problem could not be achieved – and to this day can meet a car that has avoided recall. The chances of this are small, but to discount this possible malfunction is still not worth it.

Why is the Lexus RX hard to sell on the aftermarket

Premium cars after the purchase very quickly lose in price. Therefore, quite a large segment of buyers who can not afford a new car, but are happy to come for it on the secondary market. But there are exceptions to any rule, and in this case that exception is the Lexus RX. Even in the secondary market, its price will be high enough, but the merits of such a purchase often look questionable.First, it is necessary to analyze the model composition of the domestic secondary market "Lexus".About a third of the aftermarket Lexus RX is represented exclusively by models with petrol engines 2,7 l, which is not too fit into the image of a premium crossover. Heavy and powerful, it clearly needs a stronger engine, and the 2.7 engine is also put exclusively on front-wheel drive models, which for a large crossover, to put it mildly, is not too logical.From other "minuses" it is worth mentioning inconvenience Lexus for high drivers, and also insufficiently high quality of an internal covering of salon that to level of the declared prestige, to put it mildly, does not hold out.

Article about repair Lexus RX: the main characteristics of the car, characteristic problems, breakdowns, repair, reviews.

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