​Lexus GXOR Concept 2019 - new Lexus off-road concept

Overview, description and characteristics of Lexus gxor Concept 2019: technical details, interior, exterior.

The abbreviation "GXOR" is widely known among fans of the premium SUV Lexus GX, where the first two letters mean the name of the model, and the last two-the phrase "Off-road".

Specialized sites and community groups in social networks have long offered a large number of components for internal and external revision of the production model, so the Japanese manufacturer decided to present its own special version of the SUV, however, while in the form of a concept.

Let's take a closer look at what Lexus experts have offered the market to turn a premium business-class SUV into a real guru of off-road conquest.


In General, from the point of view of design before us the usual Lexus GX, received a number of visual and technical improvements. The" muzzle " of the SUV demonstrates the company's false radiator grille and a stroke of the head optics, but the front bumper was replaced with a new one-steel, and even completed with a winch.

The profile of the car, except for the appearance of such an element as a snorkel (allows the car not to "choke" when overcoming a deep Ford), exactly repeats that of the standard GX.

Here it is worth noting the presence of off-road tires dimension 275/70R18 and a huge expedition trunk, adjacent to the solar panels on the roof.

The stern of the SUV is represented by a huge fifth door and large vertical plafonds of marker lights.

The clearance of the car was increased by 60 mm in comparison with the" civil " version of the model. Total have 275 mm of ground clearance, which allow you to overcome almost any off-road.


The manufacturer decided not to show photos of the interior of the special version of the model, but we can assume that it remained the same. This means that the driver and passengers expect first-class Assembly, premium finishing materials, excellent ergonomics and plenty of space.

The front panel features a large and easy-to-read dashboard, a multi-function steering wheel, a large infotainment display and dual-zone climate control.

In the cabin Lexus GXOR Concept provides five seats, each of which can easily accommodate an adult. But instead of the optional third row, the manufacturer has installed a refrigerator brand National Luna and special drawers for various Luggage, without which you can not do in the campaign.

Technical parameters

The manufacturer did not say what kind of engine is installed under the hood of the car. However, according to insider information, it is an 8-cylinder 4.6-liter unit, with a capacity of 300 HP and a maximum torque of 446 Nm.

Special attention should be paid to the presence of special shock absorbers Icon, enhanced protection of the bottom and levers. All this not only increases endurance, but also improves the off-road qualities of the already passable Lexus GX. Dynamic characteristics, unfortunately, are not reported.

The model is equipped with high-performance disc brakes, ventilated front, electric power steering and a host of auxiliary systems.

Level of equipment and price of the concept

Alas, the company decided not to disclose the details of the configuration of the SUV. At the same time, together with the car, an "adventure" trailer manufactured by Patriot Campers is offered.

Its main "chips" - tent with remote control, two-burner stove and a 150-liter water tank with a gas heating system, which allows, without thinking, to go even to the most adventurous adventure.

Since the Lexus GXOR is a concept car, it is not necessary to talk about its cost. And for the trailer Patriot Campers ask an impressive 52 thousand dollars.


Lexus GXOR – a real off-road "rogue", has a first-class design, high-quality and spacious interior, as well as a set of advanced equipment designed to make travel even more comfortable.

Overview, description and characteristics of Lexus GXOR Concept 2019: technical details, interior, exterior.

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