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​In the near future, Tesla won’t produce new Model S and Model X

Elon Musk denied rumors about the imminent release of the updated electric Tesla Model S and Model X, models will receive only "a number of minor current improvements."

A month ago, we wrote about rumors that in the fall of Tesla was to launch the production of updated electric cars Model S and Model X with a fresh design, new engines and batteries. Unfortunately for potential Tesla buyers, these rumors were denied by Elon Musk himself and, as usual, did so via Twitter.

In response to a subscriber's question about when the updated Tesla electric cars will appear, Elon Musk answered the following:
"We're not going to introduce an 'updated' Model X or Model S, electric cars will only get a number of minor current improvements.
The most notable innovation for these models over the past few years has been the use of the highly efficient model 3 rear electric motor as the front engine for the Model S/X. These versions began to be assembled three months ago."

Note that the words of Elon Musk do not mean that we basically do not see updated electric Tesla Model S and Model X. Perhaps they are in the early stages of development and the head of Tesla does not want to reduce the demand for "old" versions of their statements. Perhaps these electric cars will get different designations, which legally will make them new models rather than updated versions of old models.

In any case, sooner or later, these models will be updated, at least externally, as any design becomes boring, which ultimately has a negative impact on sales.

Recall that rumors attributed Tesla's desire to launch production of the updated Model S and Model X in September this year. New items were supposed to get a fresh design in the style of Model 3, a new platform with three engines, as well as an improved battery of its own design with a power reserve of up to 640 km.


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