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​Hybrid car SUV 2019 – what to choose

In 2018-2019 hybrid cars are represented by a large list of models from well-known manufacturers. These models are more economical compared to their conventional counterparts. The hybrids have good security systems and comfortable design. Due to the different characteristics, everyone can choose a suitable car model.

An authoritative player in the automotive market and a leader in its segment, the American company CarMax, has made its rating of the best hybrid SUV 2019. This group of cars in the United States include crossovers and large SUVs. So, the three leaders among the best hybrid crossovers in the world, according to experts CarMax.

Lexus RX-450h

Received a huge number of positive reviews from the owners and automotive experts. Thanks to the hybrid power plant, it is dynamic and pleasant to operate. Perhaps the only "drawback" of this car is its absolute unsuitability for the role of affordable rental vehicle.

Salon RX 450h, of course, its strong point, and here it is difficult to find fault with anything. A lot of settings for the driver's and passenger seats, steering wheel height adjustment and departure, convenient location of climate control and music system.

When the ignition is switched on, the seat moves to the steering wheel, which simultaneously moves towards the driver. Thanks to this, it is much more convenient to get out of the car and get behind the wheel.

Interior decoration materials are made at the highest level: expensive leather, high-quality and soft plastic, wood and aluminum inserts — all this is harmoniously combined in the cabin. And city traffic jams — just the perfect time to enjoy plenty of salon.

On the test drive the car was provided in the f-Sport version, the main differences from the usual except for the f-Sport nameplate on the body: silver inserts, leather decor elements, black ceiling and darkened 19-inch alloy wheels.

The only thing you need to get used to is the remote Touch joystick. From the first time to get on the right "icon" — it is not easy.
Even though you have experience with other Lexus models equipped with Remote Touch, learning how to handle it is not easy.

But music lovers will be delighted with the audio system Mark Levinson with support for CD, MP3, WMA and DVD with 15 speakers scattered around the cabin. The sound quality is at a very high level, and the volume limit allows you to even arrange a small "open air" at the exit to nature.

Two hearts

Hybrid RX 450h is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 Atkinson engine (a more economical version of the conventional four-stroke engine operating on the principle of Otto cycle), which has 245 horsepower. In the transmission of the front-wheel drive hybrid model uses two engine-generator. The first, a gasoline-powered generator runs as a starter and can charge the battery or other electric motors as needed. The second has 167 horsepower and works together with a gasoline engine to transfer power to the front wheels. The total amount of work of both is 295 horsepower. The peak power of the gasoline and motor RX 450h are in different ranges. Thus, the sum of the power of these two engines represents the peak power in real operation, but also takes into account the individual number of revolutions per minute for each of them.

If a conventional car equipped with a gasoline engine, fuel consumption in traffic jams increases, the RX on the contrary — reaches a minimum level. When driving at low speed, the gasoline engine is completely switched off, and the car moves only with the help of an electric motor, and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere are reduced to zero.

For a few minutes, while there is a charge of 288-volt Nickel-metal hybrid battery, Lexus is transformed into a real electric car, but in this mode, the car can drive only a few kilometers.

Moreover, the gas supply should also be dosed carefully — one sharp press (or exceeding the speed limit of 50 km/h), and the power of the electric motor is no longer enough — the gasoline engine is connected.

To force to disconnect the petrol engine and cause the RX to go on electric only, near to the selector of the automatic transmission has a button to EV. However, it is not always possible to switch the car into electric mode from the first time. And if sometimes this is due to discharged to "zero" the battery, what appears on the display, corresponding to the label, you occasionally have to settle for that says "EV Mode currently not available", the reasons why you have to just guess.

The last days of owning RX coincided with a sad event — 1.5-year-old iPhone began to rapidly lose battery power and randomly reboot. In the service center, after an Express diagnosis, concluded — the phone battery at death. The new battery was not very expensive, plus I had to pay for the work.

Leaving the service center of Apple in a hybrid Lexus, I tried to imagine the scenario of the death of the hybrid battery in this car, the price of which is equal to the value of the average budget of a small car, and how much would it cost to replace it and the job will expire when the warranty on the car.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

The ideal candidate for the role of both home and corporate or rental cars. It is simultaneously one of the most popular / best crossovers in the world and is quite affordable. Its driver and passengers can enjoy all the typical benefits of a modern crossover, the dynamics of a "charged" hatchback and moderate fuel consumption, like a family car. Also RAV4 is known for its reliability and the fact that it loses little in price compared to classmates and more status models from other manufacturers.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

A good example of what a hybrid vehicle is produced not only in order to save fuel: lovers to travel cheaply to buy completely different models! Hybrid drive technology allows to reduce fuel consumption up to 9.5 l / 100 km in the city (manufacturer's data). These results won't surprise owners of small cars, but they're really outstanding for a large and heavy vehicle with a 3.5 liter gasoline V-engine under the hood.


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