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​How to charge a hybrid car

In the near future, the place where you will most likely be able to charge your hybrid car will be in your own garage or under a canopy. But how you actually do it will depend on the specific model of hybrid car that you own. However, let's illustrate the question "How to charge a hybrid car" the simplest and popular example in the form of quite popular in many countries, the Chevy Volt car model.

The Volt is equipped with two chargers, which can be from a normal home socket carrying 110V (American standard) or 220V. The charger (ordinary current Converter), designed for 120V, is portable it needs to be connected to a standard 120V electrical outlet. In addition, such a charger has a switch between 8-ampere and 12-ampere power supply, respectively, the current carried by the wiring. However, it should be borne in mind that charging a hybrid of 120 Volts will take more time than charging, designed for 240 Volts. But charging at 220 Volts is no longer portable, and requires installation in a certain place (obviously, in the garage or any other enclosed space designed for the arrival of cars) and ground connection.

In General, the batteries of electric vehicles and hybrid cars are designed for an average of 10 thousand charging cycles. This means that if You drive a car about once a day and cover an average of 20-30 kilometers, the batteries will last you about 30 years - probably much longer than the car itself in the form of its other units (especially running). Of course, due to the mobility of hybrid batteries are quite durable and resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.


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