​Honda Civic Type R 2015 - up to 268 without limits

Five years of waiting brought the long-awaited result, the new Honda Civic Type R is presented to the public. We will tell you about its characteristics, configuration and price.

After 5 years of expectations, 2015 saw an updated hatchback Honda Civic Type R. Designed for sports driving on the road, the all-new Civic Type R is equipped with the most extreme and best type R engine ever developed and will set new standards for power among front-wheel drive hatchbacks. Initially, the presentation was expected in 2013, but at the exhibition in Geneva in 2014, the Japanese showed only the concept of this model.

Honda developers decided to create a new engine Type R, which will make a breakthrough with the updated model. Equipped with a turbocharged two-liter VTEC engine, produces an impressive sports sound, aggressive style, based on LED technology and other innovations collected in this machine, immediately distinguish it from a number of cars in any situation and on any road.


Changes to the exterior of the Civic made it more aggressive, which emphasizes the sporty direction of the car. In comparison with the concept, ready for production hatchback lost led running lights located on the front bumper, just removed the stylish rear lights, which in the concept were integrated into the rear wing.

Unlike the previous model, the updated Civic Type R front surprises underlined headlights with expressive lenses, from the old headlights there is little left. At the bottom of the bumper there is a large air intake, which in addition to the standard function of the engine and radiator airflow, holds the aerodynamics of the car well and leads to minimal stability losses. At the edges of the bumper mounted fog lights, which were originally on the prototype led strips.

Between the headlights Civic installed updated grille with large holes, which also provides good airflow and cooling of the radiator and engine.

The hood of the car is inherited from the previous model, slightly emphasizing the shape of the curves on the sides. Windshield and wipers remained the same shape, wipers still work from the middle and on the sides.

Side Civic a bit changed. Blown wheel crayfish, well emphasize not only the sportiness of Honda Civic Type R but also aerodynamics, as on the top of the wing and at the junction with the front doors made holes for better air flow. It is worth mentioning that the testing and simulation of the streamlining of the car was carried out with the help of computational fluid dynamics, followed by a test in the wind tunnel.

As you can see, the main goal of the developers was to achieve a minimum resistance with air at high speeds, and to achieve maximum stability and pressure to the surface. The bottom of the Civic Type R is also not spared and made a maximum of flat, hiding all the curves and suspension parts under the body or closing protection.

Front and rear doors remained the same as in the previous model, the innovation was made only in the lower skirt, which also serves to improve aerodynamics and emphasizes sports style. If the previous generation is not equipped with such options, in this Civic Type R is standard. On the sides of the skirt stand out wheels, 19-inch 235/35. The wheels are equipped with low-profile tires, which allows you to keep the car on the surface in turns and skids.

As for the color Civic Type R, the manufacturer provides a choice:
  • Dark black;
  • Gray;
  • Blue metallic;
  • White;
  • Bright red.
Body dimensions conform just for the sport variant:
  • length is 4545 mm;
  • width — 1750 mm;
  • height - 1435 mm;
  • clearance — 145 mm;
The volume of the Luggage compartment 477 liters, with folded seats 1210 liters.Specifically for the new Civic developed adaptive shock absorbers on both axes, the rear suspension uses a beam H-shaped, which provides a softer and more stable fit of the car.Regarding the variety of configurations, in addition to the standard model is available GT configuration.This package includes front and rear Parking sensors, a light sensor that allows you to automatically turn on and off the headlights, rain sensor, and full electronics on the rear view mirrors. In addition, changed the body kit of the car, added inserts on the front fenders, front and rear splitter more bent forward.


Inside Civic has also changed. The first thing that catches the eye is the seat of the car, covered with suede with red trim, streamlined on the sides and completely reminiscent of the car formula one.The steering wheel in the Civic Type R is covered with soft leather, pleasant to the touch and well allows you to keep the steering wheel on the turns. At the helm of the designers have placed a multimedia management. Above the wheel of the Honda civic type R is a console with an on-Board computer. It shows the condition of the vehicle, displays an offer on what gear you'll need to switch in the movement and condition of the engine. Under the console placed speedometer, tachometer and start / Stop engine button. Soft blue backlight devices, does not tire the eyes at night and makes it clear what the situation is under the hood of the car and overboard.On the dashboard and around the cabin Civic designers added chrome inserts. The shift knob was slightly modified, giving it a round shape in the form of a ball, slightly raised higher to the torpedo and making the tip with polished aluminum.In the middle of the torpedo placed a 7-inch touch multimedia screen on which you can select music, additional functions of the car. As it is transmitted to the image from the rear view camera. The display shows information about the brake system, information about tire pressure, engine coolant temperature, oil pressure and temperature.


As expected, the developers have not bypassed the safety side, as the Civic Type R sports direction and in the future it provides for driving at high speeds. Airbags are installed not only on the steering wheel on the driver's side and on the dashboard on the passenger side, but also on the sides, which prevents a side impact on the glass door.Not bypassed and the SRS system, which helps to go well with sharp turns and slow down the car without effort.As for the seat belts, they are standard, from the side of the Civic and to the middle. Although looking at the sports seats with streamlined sides, it could be done as in racing cars in the form of "suspenders".

Technical parameters

Probably not a little interesting specifications Honda Civic Type R, as mentioned that the car was designed as a more sporty than the classic. The car will be delivered to the market with a two-liter turbocharged petrol engine VTEC. According to the drive technology, the car is front-wheel drive, which allows you to quickly transfer torque from the engine to the wheels.The combination of two VTEC and Dual-VTC systems adds many advantages to the exhaust gas output and the use of a turbine on the engine. As promised by the developers, when testing the car on the track in Nuremberg, Honda Civic Type R 2015 showed acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 270 km/h (in the video below squeezed 268 km/h). CO2 emissions are 170 g/km, so this is a good indicator and fits the Euro 6 standard.The trick of this power and a small volume of the engine was a good cooling of the engine, it consists of two cooling jackets, and not one as usual. This also reduces the temperature of the Civic exhaust gases.Civic Type R 2015 is equipped with a mechanical 6-speed gearbox. According to the manufacturer, the gearbox has long transmission, which reduces the load on the engine and increases its power.The average fuel consumption of 9.8 liters per 100 km, but the exact data the manufacturer has not yet indicated, as the Civic Type R is in the last stages of refinement.In General, Honda Civic Type R turned out much better than the previous version, more beautiful and frisky. Sports features will immediately highlight the car with the flow of running cars.

Five years of waiting brought the long-awaited result, the new Honda Civic Type R is presented to the public. We will tell you about its characteristics, configuration and price.

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