Great Wall Wingle 7 2018-2020​ Review

Overview of the new Great Wall Wingle 7 2018-2020: appearance, interior, specifications, configuration, parameters, security systems and price.

The Great Wall company is increasingly capturing the automotive market, offering different bodies and models. The last arrival was the pickup Great Wall Wingle 7. The official premiere of the novelty took place in 2018 at the automobile exhibition in Guangzhou (China). Almost immediately, the pickup appeared in the dealerships of China.

Externally, the new pickup Great Wall Wingle 7 stands out more stylish exterior, modern lines and a massive body. Inside the pickup turned out to be spacious, as well as got additional comfort and safety systems. If we talk about the technical characteristics, everything is still the same. The Chinese pickup is based on the Japanese ISUZU D-Max of the first generation, and therefore the characteristics will be approximately the same.

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To say that the great Wall Wingle 7 pickup is completely new would be too loud. Rather, it is an extensively redesigned model with existing Wingle 6 and 5. More just front stands out a massive bumper, with open additional bars radiator and such same massive pseudo air intakes on sides. The main grille turned out to be medium-sized, with chrome edging and horizontal bars.On the side, the new great Ox Wingle 7 pickup is not much different from other pickups of the brand, despite the loud statement that the car is completely new. New details can be considered the arches of the front and rear wings, stretched over the main part, as well as the new design of the wheels, otherwise everything is the same. Minus, which migrated to the new pickup-the size of the doors. Total novelty Wingle 7 is designed for 2 rows of seats.The front doors turned out to be standard in size, but the rear doors are slightly smaller, respectively, and landing on the second row is not the best, and so much space. For the extended version of this problem will not be, as the frame allows you to increase the size. On the other hand, it would be possible to play on the dimensions of the body compartment, while leaving the cabin standard for all configurations.For a fee, the manufacturer offers to add a set of Wingle 7 side steps and additional plastic protection wings. By coloring the new pickup Great Wall Wingle 7 is available in:
  • black;
  • brown;
  • silver;
  • white;
  • blue;
  • red.
It is possible that with the supply of new models Great Wall Wingle 7 body colors may change. An interesting point is that, despite the Chinese origin, the designers have minimized the number of chrome parts, replacing them with black elements. Another interesting point is that the front door has a bend to improve visibility in the side mirrors.The same trait is characteristic of many pickups in North America. Themselves OK side mirrors have turned out large in shape. The standard set includes electric adjustment, heating and LED repeaters. For a surcharge offer to install automatic folding.The back of the new great Ox Wingle 7 is nothing special stands out. According to the standard on the body part located vertical rear stops, the Central part of the body took the trunk lid and a massive rear bumper, which can be used as an additional step. Depending on the configuration, the handle of the trunk door can be black or chrome.


Interior of the new pickup Great Wall Wingle 7 turned out to be more modern than its predecessors. The Central part of the panel was taken under the 9 " touch screen multimedia system based on Android Auto. Itself OK panel received a small slope, with chrome edging. Beneath the display was a pair of air ducts and buttons for the pickup's security systems. Even lower is the climate control panel and the heated front seats.Simply and stylishly the Central tunnel of a pickup turned out. At the very beginning there is a charging panel from the USB port and a 12-Volt outlet. Further along the tunnel there is a manual transmission lever, a mechanical handbrake, a washer for selecting modes of movement and a pair of Cup holders. Downloads the tunnel a massive armrest with a roomy compartment. Not to say that this is the most modern option, but simple and budget, there are no unnecessary details that will never use, but will have to pay for them.Seats of the new pickup great Ox Wingle 7 got a modern design. The first row of seats received a small side support, high back and comfortable fit. The driver's seat can be adjusted in 6 directions by means of the electric drive, the passenger front seat received only mechanical adjustment in 4 directions.The second row of seats pickup Wingle 7 is designed to fit 3-Oh passengers, although the free space is not much. In any case, passengers will rest their knees against the back of the front seat. Fold the second row of seats in fact impossible, but under the bottom there is a small space to store tools and other parts.Interior trim pickup great Ox Wingle 7 depends on the configuration. The basic options will receive high-quality fabric covering, and the top options will receive artificial leather covering. The colors are available in standard shades: black, gray, brown. As an addition, the buyer is offered to choose decorative inserts made of plastic, made under different structures (wood, polished aluminum, etc.).It remains to consider the driver's seat of the new pickup Wingle 7. Initially, it was assumed that the Central part of the instrument will take a large color display. As a result, a small monochrome display of the on-Board computer was installed. On the sides there is a round speedometer and tachometer. Digital panel should not be expected even in the top configuration, despite the fact that the car is new.The steering wheel of the new pickup great Ox Wingle 7 looks simple. Four spokes, two of which have function buttons. Adjust the steering wheel can be height and depth. According to the manufacturer, leather steering wheel trim, but to be honest, the quality leaves to expect the best. The interior of the new pickup truck as a whole turned out to be quite good, there are almost no unnecessary details, the interior looks modern, and there is a multimedia system display on the front panel.

Technical parameters

Technical characteristics of the new Wingle 7 is not particularly different from its predecessors. The pickup is based on a ladder-type frame. Front end features an independent suspension with coil springs, rear dependent suspension bridge, on the basis of springs. As for the drive, the standard is the transmission to the front axle, for a fee, you can install a hard plug-in four-wheel drive.The declared parameters:
  • Gw4d20d engine
  • Fuel diesel
  • Number of cylinders / valves 4/16
  • A volume of 2.0 l
  • Power, HP 140
  • Torque, Nm 315
  • Transmission 6 art. manual transmission
  • Front wheel drive
  • Fuel tank capacity, l 70
  • The fuel consumption of a pickup truck
  • In the city, l 10,1
  • On the highway, and 7.5 l
  • Mixed cycle, l 8,4
According to the standard pickup Wingle 7 front-wheel drive, optional, for a fee offer a plug-in four-wheel drive on a hard clutch. The manufacturer does not exclude that over time may appear complete with gasoline engines.As you can see, the buyer will be given a choice of two main configuration great Ox Wingle 7. Standard and extended version. Despite the difference in the dimensions of the body and frame, the maximum lifting weight will not change. The pickup was based on 16 " alloy wheels, with 235/70 tires. The brake system of the pickup is modified, both front and rear ventilated disc brakes are installed. It remains to expect the official appearance of gasoline kits, to fully understand the characteristics and capabilities of such kits.

Safety and comfort systems

Not spared the safety and comfort of the new pickup great Ox Wingle 7. The list of pickup systems listed:
  • anti-blocking system;
  • brake force distribution;
  • electronic system of stabilization of course stability;
  • ventilated brake discs;
  • emergency brake assist;
  • help system at the start downhill (downhill);
  • brake assistant;
  • tire pressure monitoring sensors;
  • rear Parking radars;
  • rear view camera;
  • blind spot monitoring (can be cameras for blind spot);
  • front airbag;
  • side airbag;
  • safety shutters;
  • child lock on rear doors;
  • ISOFIX mounts;
  • automatic opening of doors in case of collision;
  • emergency fuel shut - off;
  • immobilizer;
  • Central locking;
  • multimedia system;
  • search engine for car;
  • open door indicator;
  • warning about the left key in the ignition;
  • 6 speaker audio system;
  • heated front seats and side mirrors;
  • light and rain sensor;
  • daytime running lights.


There is no choice among the technical characteristics of the new Great Wall Wingle 7, the maximum is the difference in size. Accordingly, you can choose between the standard and extended version of the pickup.Having considered the updated pickup great Ox Wingle 7 we can say that it is rather recycled model Wingle 5 and 6, which now can be found in dealerships. Designers, in fact, redesigned the front part, leaving the rest of the details unchanged. As for the interior, there is a minimum of improvements, but, nevertheless, they are modern, especially the multimedia system. It remains to expect the appearance of gasoline kits to understand the possibilities of such pickups.

Overview of the new Great Wall Wingle 7 2018-2020: appearance, interior, specifications, configuration, parameters, security systems and price.

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