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​Elon Musk showed the Assembly of Starship spacecrafts

In the network appeared an exclusive photos of preparing for testing full-size prototypes of spaceships Starship company SpaceX. Pictures from the Assembly site published in his blog, the founder of the Corporation Elon Musk, who previously repeatedly announced the emergency readiness of his spaceship for an expedition to Mars.

"Very proud of the progress that the SpaceX team has made," Musk wrote on Twitter, accompanying the message with pictures of the installation of a dome-shaped element with a diameter of nine meters, forming part of the internal structure of the starship. In January of this year, the wind overturned the nose of the starship standing on the test site, after which the body had to be protected by a special design, a photo of which also appeared in the businessman's Twitter blog.

SpaceX has already built and tested a compact version of a spacecraft called the Starhopper, which recently took off at 20 meters with a single Raptor engine. During the upcoming test, the prototype should fly to a height of 200 meters.

Full-size prototypes designed for space flights will receive three engines. The final version of the Starship will be equipped with seven instances of the Raptor.

Elon Musk has many plans for the starship. Earlier, he announced his intention to launch a group of artists around the moon in 2023, in the same year a tourist flight around the moon of an unknown Japanese billionaire is planned, and in 2024 the first manned expedition to Mars in the history of mankind can take place.


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