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Smart introduced ForTwo and ForFour electric cars. Named specifications, details, options.

Electric era of the production made it to compact Smart cars. Now this brand will be able to show some new electric cars. In particular, the new ForTwo and ForFour are presented, completely on electric traction. With internal combustion engines, the manufacturer said goodbye in May 2019, thus beginning the era of electric vehicles in its line. That is why all new models of the company will now be exclusively electric.

New items presented in the body hatchback, convertible and five-door, marked EQ. The appearance of the new Smart has changed with the arrival of electric units. The electric car received an updated grille, a new front bumper. It is worth noting that the front bumper 3 and 5 doors are different. Top configuration has led front optics into three sections. The logo of the company in the new models moved from the grille to the hood. The rear feet are also led, made in the form of 4 petals.

Following the appearance of the electric smart EQ ForTwo and ForFour, the designers updated the interior. In particular, the updated front console, instead of Cup holders made a niche for the smartphone. The Central part was occupied by the 8 " display of the multimedia system, thanks to which many new functions appeared. The platform for multimedia at the same time served as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Now, to transfer the electric car to friends, close or open, check the battery charge, program the charging time is now possible with your smartphone. It is enough to manage a special application through a smartphone via the Internet. Today 100% remote control function will work in Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

Under the hood of the new Smart is an electric engine from Renault, with a capacity of 81 HP and a maximum torque of 160 Nm. Thanks to this unit, the first hundred on the speedometer electric car in the back hatchback overcome in 11.6 seconds. The new convertible will be able to accelerate in 11.9 seconds, and the five-door for 12.7 seconds. Regardless of the configuration, the maximum speed of the electric car will be 130 km / h. Accordingly, Li-ion battery for all three models are identical, with a capacity of 17.6 kWh. According to the NEDC test cycle, the range of electric cars will amount to 159 kilometers. From the standard 230V power supply, the battery will charge 6 hours before the 100% mark. Using the optional charging, it will take 40 minutes to reach the 80% mark.

The official public display of the new Smart ForTwo and ForFour EQ cars will take place at the auto show in Frankfurt, in September 2019. This autumn, expect the official appearance of electric vehicles in the European market. Assembly of the new Smart will be established at the plant in France and Slovenia. Nevertheless, according to representatives of Daimler, the production of Smart with internal combustion engines is planned to be extended until 2022 inclusive.

Smart introduced ForTwo and ForFour electric cars. Named specifications, details, options.

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