Best minibuses 2020: TOP 4

The reason why minibuses are not very popular with private motorists is quite clear. If any minivan for seven people can still be very practical in operation, especially for a large family, then use the 12-seat "minibus" for personal purposes will be unless special fans of this type of transport. And this is despite the fact that the cost of a minibus is usually lower than an SUV.

On the other hand, a small bus as a business tool is quite justified. And the demand for such vehicles, though not as high as for cars, but still there.

In 2020, a whole group of famous manufacturers is going to offer customers a number of new models of minibuses. Some concepts have already been presented at various auto shows. And, need to say, be surprised there is what. Next, we will talk about 10 new products that can vividly Express themselves in the next year.

Toyota GranAce

This year, Toyota, apparently, decided to surprise fans of high-capacity cars, presenting models from this segment almost every 3 months. First showed a new Hiace, then Granvia, a couple of months later Majesty and now a minibus GranAce 2020.

In fairness, I must say that the difference between these models is not very big, their main difference is in the markets. As for GranAce, it is addressed primarily to Japanese customers, but can be delivered to Russia.

Be that as it may, buyers are offered a minibus with a 4-cylinder diesel engine at 2.8 liters and rear-wheel drive. In the basic configuration, the model already comes with cruise and climate control, multifunctional steering wheel, new wood panels, heated leather-covered seats and ventilation. Throughout the cabin held led lighting.

The manufacturer also endowed GranAce with a proprietary security system that will brake the minibus itself when an obstacle is detected. In addition, the new version of Safety Sense can recognize pedestrians, and in the daytime – cyclists.

Outside, the novelty has got an original pattern of wheels, low-profile tires are optional. The radiator grille is replete with chrome elements.

The seats of the minibus for 6 passengers are built in three rows, with the eight-seat version a sofa is attached to the back. Armrests on the chairs and footrests will add comfort, especially when traveling far.

Citroen SpaceTourer: power and economy

Here is worth again to return to Toyota, only briefly. More precisely, to its work under the name of Proace. This van rightfully became one of the representatives of the family of cars produced by PSA, almost identical in technical characteristics. And Citroen SpaceTourer is, in fact, another "brother".

This car, which replaced the passenger version of the jumper model, combines practicality, comfort and modern design.

So, the comfort of travel is provided by good noise insulation and pleasant to the touch interior materials. The driver was especially taken care of: his seat is adjustable in different directions. An important role is played by a modern audio system.

It is worth noting the presence of a projection display, as well as the recognition system of road signs. The side sliding doors are electrically operated and can be opened by the movement of the foot. And under the hood Citroen SpaceTourer installed turbodiesel 2.0 HDi at 150 HP, perfectly combining an impressive supply of power with fuel efficiency.

Peugeot Traveller - almost a minivan

The third "twin" of the PSA family. This model is quite suitable for both romantic voyages and business trips. The minibus has a good style, a high degree of safety and a two-liter HDI diesel engine with a capacity of 150 HP.

The exterior of the minibus is expressive and memorable. The grille covering the radiator with vertical stripes looks very stylish in combination with a brutal bumper and sloping lines of running led lights. The design is complemented by original 17-inch alloy wheels.
A feature of the spacious interior of the Peugeot Traveller is a luxurious finish. The number of seats varies from six to nine, and they can be arranged in different ways.

It should be noted that in October of this year the Kaluga plant PSMA began production of four-wheel drive versions of Peugeot Traveller, Peugeot Expert, Citroen SpaceTourer and Citroen Jumpy. Before that, commercial cars from PSA, which all wheels would be leading, were not sold in Russia.

Prices for Kaluga vans Peugeot Expert and Citroen Jumpy start from 2.2 million rubles, minibuses Peugeot Traveller and Citroen SpaceTourer from the same plant are from 2.7 million.

Opel Zafira Life, welcome back!

And finally, the fourth representative of the clan under the auspices of PSA, who replaced the Opel Vivaro model. From the above representatives of the brands Citroen, Peugeot and Toyota, the new Opel differs except that the grille and the filling of the headlights. Ah, Yes-the steering wheel still has its own emblem. The total number of seats in this minibus can reach nine.

It is worth adding that in 2020 the PSA group is going to release all-electric models Peugeot-Traveller and Expert, Citroen-SpaceTourer and Jumpy, as well as Opel (Vauxhall) Vivaro (cargo and Life versions).

Approval for the construction of minibuses in Kaluga, received by the PSA group, applies to variants under the Opel brand. Only unlike Peugeot and Citroen, four-wheel drive modification of the Zafira is not planned.

The previous generation of this minibus was very popular. After all, such a convenient and roomy 9-seater car and for such money it was necessary to look for more. Fortunately, the Koreans, updating the design of the model, left the filling of the car tested for years without significant changes.

As a result, the buyers appeared quite modern and harmonious minibus with ultra-reliable diesel engine, the volume of which is 2.5 liters, and the power - from 136 to 170 HP.

You can also order an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, and for reasonable money. The price of Hyundai H1 starts from 2.1 million rubles, well, the version with the engine is more powerful, and even with the "automatic" will cost 150 thousand more expensive.


As you can see, the range of minibuses is quite diverse. And I must say that the trend towards electrification of transport has affected this segment. Be that as it may, cars of large capacity or Vice versa small buses remain faithful assistants not only for production or service purposes, but also in some distant journey with a large company. So these vehicles motorists should also look closely. At least occasionally.

​Overview and characteristics of the worthiest minibuses 2020: top 10 models, descriptions, technical details, photos.

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