Best double cars 2019-2020: TOP 7

Rating and description of the best double cars: top 7 models, their characteristics, features.

Double cars on the streets are not uncommon, but always attract the eyes. Such machines are rarely purchased as a single vehicle, emphasizing the status of its owner and its security.

Ferrari F8 Tributo 2019

The new Ferrari model appeared in public in March 2019, making us look forward to the opening of the official sale.

Full restyling 488 GTB affected the whole car, creating a more aggressive and stylish look, as well as significantly improving the running and speed parameters. Managed all this thanks to the body shop Ferrari Styling Center.

Jaguar F-Type

The new Jaguar Roadster entered the market in early 2019. The car turned out to be long, the hood length is more than half of the whole car, headlights with xenon elongated, oblong, resembling the eyes of a predator. The aggressive impression is enhanced by narrow side Windows and an elongated air intake. All air intake systems are located on the body kit.

The machine is equipped with turbine engines on gasoline for 2 or 3 liters with a capacity of 300 or 380 HP, having a very moderate fuel consumption (7-9 liters per hundred kilometers).

Available and exclusive models that have a seven-liter engine producing power in 550 HP are Equipped, regardless of the type of engine, eight-speed box-"automatic".

The car is surprisingly practical. In the decoration used a little plastic, other materials – only natural.

To help the driver, the car is equipped with a variety of auxiliary systems designed to fully ensure maximum safety. The driver's console is concise, and all the necessary information is displayed on a widescreen display. On the spokes sport steering wheel carefully removed the multimedia buttons.

Toyota Supra

A powerful high-speed sports car does not compromise – it exists in the only top configuration, slightly differing in price only due to the choice of body color.
Sport coupe has a shortened wheelbase with a wide track, large wheels, low landing. Going to the production in Graz (Austria).


The new sports coupe has become outwardly more predatory, dynamic and catchy. Aggressive elegance consists of bends of relief and a variety of air intakes, enhanced aerodynamics of the rear bumper, narrow "squinted" optics, inflated body kit and a pair of exhaust pipes.

The three-liter power unit M TwinPower Turbo is able to squeeze out of its six cylinders the power of 340 HP, forcing to reach hundreds of kilometers in 4.5 seconds with a forced speed limit of 250 km/h.

Chevrolet Camaro

The restyling of the popular model, which went on sale in the first half of 2019, made the muscle car more externally aggressive, dynamic, created for high speeds and getting pleasure from driving.

The updated Camaro looks stylish and impressive, and the sharp outlines and edges of the car did not worsen the excellent aerodynamics.

Huge disks and wheel arches, rectangular brutal optics, a metal body kit and four exhaust pipes together with step "muscles" add a highlight to appearance.

The equipment of the machine is not bad, although it does not reach the "five". Engines are used only gasoline, three types – 2 liters (275 HP), 3.5 liters (335 HP) and 6.2 liters (445 HP, model ZL1 – 650 HP).

Motors are aggregated with "automatic" on six steps or "robot" on eight steps. The rear-wheel drive car accelerates to a hundred in 5.9 seconds, reaching a maximum acceleration of 240 km/h, while fuel consumption is 8.2 liters with mixed driving mode (parameters for a standard two-liter engine).

Fiat 124 Spider

A successful brainchild of the Italian Fiat and Japanese Mazda "born" in 2015, based on a heavily modified base from MX-5, and copied the look of the convertible from Pinifarina 60-80-ies of XX century, better known as "124".

Stylish and fashionable car does not bear the aggressive imprint of modern supercars. It is exquisitely rounded, with smooth lines and a raised hood, oblong lights and a label a La retro.

Sports appearance is guessed only in two exhaust trunks. Even the 17-inch wheels on the car look elegant.

The interior of the cabin is represented by a minimalist design, in which everything is beautiful and concise, the steering wheel is multi-functional, multimedia screen is mounted in the console, and nothing distracts the driver from the road.

Three versions of equipment are offered for the car – Classica, Lusso and Abarth.

The machine is equipped with many nice options: power steering, ESP, ABS, 16" discs, "start-stop" system. The top version is complemented by rear-view cameras, leather seats, dual-zone "climate" and high-quality multimedia system.

The machine is equipped with only one engine — MultiAir - "four" with a turbocharger that produces 140 HP drive axle – rear, aggregated with six-speed "mechanics", although sales in the U.S. in addition there will be a dedicated six "automatic".

"Hundred" such easy, but bright-eyed "Italian" takes for 7,3 seconds.

Smart ForTwo

The third generation of a super-compact double city car with a traditional double body paint was developed by Daimler with the participation of Renault-Twingo and assembled at the plant in Slovenia. Hatchback-crumb length of 2.7 m has a bright appearance and good technical characteristics.

Despite its small size, the 2019 model is decorated with an aggressive pseudo-air intake, u-shaped running lights, giving the car aggressive features of an "adult car".
The power unit is located in the rear of the car, under the trunk. The three-cylinder engine models М281 exists in two modifications of volume and power. The base has a liter engine that can produce 71 HP, for extra money you can install a 0.9 liter turbocharged with a capacity of 90 HP.

It is planned to Supplement the power line with a 60 HP engine. Restyling from Brabus allows to strengthen the engine to 109 HP, reducing the acceleration time to 9.5 seconds and pushing the speed limits to 165 km/h.

Engines of mechanical and automatic transmissions are aggregated. The modern "automatic" Twinamic has six stages, using two clutches. It has excellent high-speed switching.

If the basic equipment is pleasant, but not stunning, then the offered options make the toy car very attractive. Buying a car, install a multimedia system with a 7-inch touch screen, put a panoramic roof, order styling from the Studio Brabus, widely use the possibilities of individualization of the car, fully preparing it for your needs and desires.

Permissible speed for the car – 155 km/h, accelerates to 100 km/h for 11.7 seconds.

The small amount of fuel in the tank (28 l) is compensated by the low consumption of gasoline (4.6 liters in a mixed cycle).


The choice of the most suitable two-seater is based on many factors. You may like Ferrari, but the money is only enough for Smart. And for someone all this is not important, and the machine is selected solely on the results of a test drive, for themselves and their needs.

In any case, double cars, even the most inexpensive – it's a special chic for people who love themselves and appreciate the convenience and style in everything.

Rating and description of the best double cars: top 7 models, their characteristics, features.

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