​Best BMW station wagons of 2019: TOP 5

Main characteristics and description of BMW station wagons: top 5 best models, technical content, features.

We can not say that the engineers of the Bavarian company quite strongly "respect" the complete set of the wagon. The first models in the classic body appeared on the market in the early 80's starting with the third series. After that, the classic wagon was produced in the M series in a limited number.

In 1992 it was released only 900 cars BMW M5 E34 Touring, in 2007, the Bavarians released the classic Touring E61 in the amount of slightly more than a thousand copies.

In the past 2018, the market went another the latest "barn" already generation G31. In 2019, only two models remain the most popular classic station wagons — BMW 3 Series Touring (F31) and BMW 5 Series Touring (G31).

But it would be wrong to stop only on these models-few people know, but in the configuration of many SUVs in the body type section indicated: wagon. So, which classic station wagons can be considered the best in 2019?

BMW 3 Series Touring (F31)

3 BMW series, produced since 1975, recognized as the most successful in the history of the brand. The first wagon of the series appeared on the market in 1982, and in 2015 the concept survived the re-styling of the sixth generation. The car received the factory index F31 and for a few years became the most popular wagon in the class "D".

Engineers did not try too hard to give the restyled version exclusive features. Was slightly redrawn grille and adjusted the front bumper.
All optics went only to matrix LEDs, which began to decorate and taillights.

Minimal changes occurred in the interior of the station wagon. This is a slightly modified panel Board, new display case climate control and a new grille duct. Multimedia screen and did not touch, although many motorists waited.

Much more changes in the power filling configuration and expanded list of equipment. But do not wait for upgraded engines — just in the line of the station wagon, which until today was not small, added two more gasoline and one diesel unit.

Already at the base of the wagon has cast 16 and 17-inch wheels, and for the package M are available already 19-inch wheels, with a reduced clearance of 1 cm.

Preserved and the volume of the trunk - at full load is 1500 liters of free space in the normal state of the cargo compartment retains the volume of 495 liters.

The management is assisted by driver assistance systems: round-Robin cameras, adaptive cruise control, lane control sensors, etc., the "start-stop" scheme is designed to save fuel.

Since 2018, the power unit is equipped with such new engines for the class as a half-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged gasoline unit with a capacity of 136 HP and a similar two-liter capacity of 184 HP.

Most aggressive in the new line of petrol engines is the engine series Efficient Dynamics with index В48, which has a fixed volume cylinder with a capacity of 252 HP series has survived all familiar with the previous generation engines is a turbocharged 2-liter diesel engines ranging from 116 to 313 HP and three-liter petrol with recoil 326 HP.

Gearboxes are also several-this machine and Steptronic, and six-speed "mechanics".

BMW 5 Series Touring (G31)

The fifth series of BMW-business class cars, which are inferior in popularity only 3 series of the brand.

The release of the first "five" was held in 1972, the first universal series entered the market only after the third modernization in 1990, all wagons got the console for Touring and for the first time the series used the installation of a full drive.

Generation E34 also became the first to be equipped with many control systems: the stability controller, anti-slip system ASC+T was tested, the work of the active suspension was first tested in conjunction with a six-speed "automatic".

In 2019, the most popular and best wagon of the series was the BMW 5 Series Touring, which premiered in 2017 in Geneva. The front or all-wheel drive station wagon with the G31 body index received significant and large changes compared to the 3 series upgrade.

First of all, it is a completely new form of front bumper and redesigned roof line. The wagon followed the sedan has a semi-circular lights of the dimensions, the area of the fog lights surrounds the bottom of the bumper. Due to the blown thresholds of alloy steel has changed and the side line of the body.

The profile of the air outlet received silver or black lining depending on the design. BMW offers universal ten options for exterior and interior execution.

5 Series Touring had sent slightly more in size than its predecessor, but lighter sixth-generation model according to the weight, engineers have removed 100 kg due to the installation of aluminum cladding.

The Luggage compartment received an additional 10 liters, with the rear seats folded total cargo capacity-1700 liters. The basic equipment is equipped with 17-inch discs, multimedia system with 8.8-inch screen, rain and light sensors, motor start button, adaptive cruise control.

For a small surcharge, you can get a panoramic roof, a modern navigation system, two 10.2-inch tablet for second-row passengers.
The sports version has upgraded shock absorbers of the sports series and is equipped with adaptive stabilizers, the gear ratio is changed through the steering mechanism.

Motor gamma expanded new engines of different capacity is 2-liter petrol units return 184 and 252 HP, and the most aggressive package delivers power: 340 HP.

Diesel engines are represented by five units, the most powerful unit class M550d has a volume of 3 liters and produces 400 HP at a moment of 760 Nm.

BMW 3 Series Touring (E91)

This wagon, the last modification of which came off the Assembly line in 2012, can also claim the title of best among BMW. This is a perfectly designed, and breathtaking car.

In the secondary market the complete set takes the first place on the price among all models. For seven years, the car has not lost any of its running characteristics or advantages.

Sports wagon differs from analogues in the line of elegant rifts of the bumper and the shape of the front headlights. The driver's seat is equipped with control systems that have not lost their appeal today.

And expensive finishing materials: precious woods, titanium plates and aluminum plates that do not lose their appeal, give a sense of confidence and style.

BMW 5 Series Touring (F11)

The sixth generation of the fifth series of station wagons was presented in 2013 in Geneva. The complete set was produced for four years and, like many other models, can be considered the best in the BMW line.

After the premiere of the sixth generation with body index F11 experts noted the main innovation of the concept-xenon headlights and two new colors for body painting.

The main option is the universal surround the trunk, from Touring (F11) it is 560 liters when folded seats is 1670 liters of usable volume. According to the roominess and height of the loading Board, the car is considered the most convenient in the class.

The model has all the modern systems of driver assistance and safety, which have not changed in the last two years:
  • projection display;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • 4-zone climate control;
  • surveillance equipment;
  • the stability system.
Only in the sixth generation as an option you can order a touch control panel multimedia iDrive with advanced navigation functions.The power unit of the station wagon is equipped with familiar motors from the previous generation. For the base is a 2-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 143 HP, the maximum fuel consumption-4, 5 liters. More "stuffed" versions you can take two four-cylinder turbodiesel capacity of 184 and 218 HP six-cylinder or three returns with 258, 313 and 318l. S. respectively. The most aggressive equipment gives the universal acceleration to 100 km per hour in 5 seconds.The range of petrol models are also one of the biggest is 6 petrol units with capacity from 184 to 450 HP In a pair of available robotic and manual transmission.

BMW M5 Touring (E61)

Completes a rating of the most popular universal among all trim levels of the BMW M5 Touring model index (E61), which in 2018 is available by reservation only. Officially, serial production was completed in 2015. The concept used a ten-cylinder engine with a capacity of 450 HP and four exhaust pipes. In the sports version of the powerful car are modern security systems and the latest innovations in the control system:
  • three types of airbags: on the sides, front, for passengers;
  • emergency braking system;
  • sensors for tracking "dead" zones;
  • adaptive cruise control.
The all-wheel drive system M xDrive, which is mounted on a 600-horsepower engine, turns the classic wagon into a powerful sports car with fantastic dynamics and accuracy of running characteristics. The maximum speed of the model-305 km per hour, fuel consumption in the mixed cycle-10.5 liters of gasoline.


These were the best BMW cars in the wagon body. The rating does not include crossovers and SUVs, for which the manufacturer has provided a similar body type, but this is a completely different model, and they deserve a special place in its class.

Main characteristics and description of BMW station wagons: top 5 best models, technical content, features.

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