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Sports cars are not a rarity, but charged sports cars from manufacturers, quite rare options that can be seen on the road. One of these charged cars can be considered Audi ABT RS6-R Thunderbus, consider the characteristics and design.

Nowadays, the problem of choosing a practical car is relevant for those who want to have not only a supercar, but also a car for the whole family. Fortunately, automakers have something to offer such customers. Today, many well-known brands have a line, which includes powerful cars with spacious practical salons. For example, Mercedes has AMG models, BMW has M series, Audi has S and RS models.
The most notable model is the Audi RS6, which appeared at the end of 2012. It is equipped with a 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. The car can comfortably accommodate five people. Among fans of practical supercars, this model quickly gained great popularity. Its capacity is 560 HP, and the maximum speed is limited to 250 km/h. in Order to take the children to school or go shopping in the store is enough. And really, what more do you need for those who appreciate the big cars with spacious salon and the Deluxe package?

And here game is entered by ABT Sportsline - tuning shop specializing in modifications of the models of Audi and Volkswagen. If you want to extract additional power from the car, make it more challenging, ABT engineers is under force. For them, nothing is impossible, these masters can tune even a small aircraft carrier. And when Audi released the RS6, these guys from the small German town of Kempten quickly got down to business. By the way, in the same unit are created and racing cars DTM.

It took almost two years to finally came tuned model ABT RS6-R. This is a real muscle car, which is "Packed" in German strict body.


The first thing that started the engineers of ABT - added machine power. It was increased by 170 HP. All this became possible thanks to the installation of the ABT Power package. The onboard computer underwent a serious upgrade, the standard exhaust system was supplemented with a fork-shaped tube and a catalytic Converter of a special design.

For a car like the Audi RS6-R, good road stability is very important, so it has a low landing and specially designed ABT front and rear shock absorbers. In the tuning Studio on the car put 22-inch wheels DR with relief, stylized turbine blades. Of the many ways picked up the Dunlop tyre whose tread has 295 sections with the slats arranged at different angles.

Compared to the serial RS6 model, the performance of the tuned ABT RS6-R has increased significantly - the power reached 730 HP, and the torque - 920 nm. To the level of 100 km/h the car began to accelerate in 3.3 seconds, which is 0.6 seconds faster than before. Just think, by this parameter it ahead of the Pagani Zonda F!

Modified masters ABT RS6-R still differs in its appearance from the factory model. Ventilation holes on the front fenders are also of purely practical importance: through them, along with the air flows, dirt is partially washed out, which accumulates in the wheel arches. The front spoiler ABT protrudes much further, not allowing a large amount of air to get under the bottom of the machine. On both sides of the spoiler complete "wings", made of fiber red. By the way, all the aerodynamic elements of the body - and the front divider, and rear diffuser, as well as a large spoiler on the trunk lid are made of the same material. Even the rear bumper is integrated with red carbon inserts. Side skirts are also custom, their raised edges give RS6-R a more sporty look.

The combination of red carbon fiber and black body looks noble, but that's not all! Around the body Audi sprayed small particles of metallic, which sparkle like diamonds in the bright sunlight. Unfortunately, photos can not convey all the splendor. To evaluate this effect, you need to see the car with your own eyes.


Interior tuning Audi RS6-R is just a luxury. And here can be traced red shades, as there are exactly the same inserts of carbon fiber, as well as on the outer part of the body.

The chairs, sheathed anew, seem to have been taken from another planet! But despite this, they are very organically fit into the interior of the RS6. The steering wheel is covered with Alcantara material. The ABT emblem on the steering wheel serves as a reminder that the driver "holds the bull by the horns". The red ABT logo can also be seen on the lever of the 8-speed automatic transmission.

High-frequency speakers of Bang & Olufsen acoustic system leave incomparable feeling. When you start the engine, they automatically rise up. Maybe that's why the cabin of this car is very similar to a spaceship.

Yes, the ABT Audi RS6-R is the most unique of all supercars. But the reason for its uniqueness lies not in its technical characteristics, but in the fact that very few can buy it. Although the price tag is a modest amount equal to 200 thousand euros, from tuning Studio ABT "in the world" came only 25 copies of this model.

Sports cars are not a rarity, but charged sports cars from manufacturers, quite rare options that can be seen on the road. One of these charged cars can be considered Audi ABT RS6-R Thunderbus, consider the characteristics and design.

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