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​2020 BMW M3 spy shots reveal the performance sedan's interior

There was the first information about the new BMW M3. A charged BMW sedan can debut in late 2018 or early 2019 – a few months after the appearance of the BMW 3 new generation.

BMW M3 2019 keep the three-liter inline-six turbocharged. Its power will grow to almost 500 HP. At the same time, the engine will be more economical due to the 48-volt "moderate" hybrid installation.

The main innovation of BMW M3 will be a four-wheel drive system designed to improve traction. As in the case of the BMW M5 2018, for fans of drifts will retain rear-wheel drive mode. The developers also promise a uniform (50:50) weight distribution along the axes.
What's attractive about a blue and white propeller? BMW cars are in great demand, despite the reputation, which can not say what more: fiction or truthful arguments. Where does the popular rumor and what do the owners of these cars think about it?

Such a car is not bought spontaneously, choosing from a variety of brands. For fans it is a dream car, a car is a style and a way of life. And rarely the car owner changed the "Bavarian" for something else.

Will modern cars be treated with the same warmth in 25 years? Many drivers are already laughing at this idea. But BMW owners are convinced that in a quarter of a century there will be those for whom the propeller on the hood will be more beautiful than any other emblem. This inexplicable charm of the favorite brand of commentators...


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