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Alexandr Ivanov , 25 years old I drive BMW 5 Series E39, Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124

About my car Random machine

Hello everyone, this is my MB w124 1988 release.

Honestly not when I did not think that I would buy w124, and even more so that it will be Stance Project. Once in March climbed to the site ads and for the sake of interest opened the tab Mercedes Benz E-class and I got out the car for $1500, she had 3 owners, I thought, why not try to buy it and build dream car. Without thinking twice, I looked on the Internet as the car looks on Pneumatics and disks, and it was decided to take. In Russia we have rarely seen Stance of Mercedes, and especially on the w124 style. I went to see the car, surprisingly he had only 2 owners, the body in his native paint, and there was no rot, which is rare for Mercedes of this year, but there were big disadvantages, the motor M103 volume 2.6 liters, which floated revs, instead of the injection system ke-jitronic was carburetor with Russian UAZ, armored lines were wound with duct tape, oil ran out of all the cracks, the cabin was badly battered, flew rear gear, bumpers were broken, plastic thresholds were not, cracks in the headlights and lot of stuff. Without thinking twice, I took it and started with the restoration of the engine.

The first thing installed the intake system ke-jitronic, replaced all the gaskets and seals, replaced the armored pipes, candles, filter, bought new gas pumps and injectors, the car was much better to go, the oil stopped running out of all the cracks. couple of weeks after buying car, I ordered set of air suspension, and began to think what to put the wheels. At first I bought set of 18” 8.5 J +30 and 9.5 J +30 SSR STRAHL, but after trying on the car realized that the machine will not lie so low and need 17” wider, after which my choice fell on the Zauber Starform 17”. They are similar in design to the AMG Aero 3, but are much cheaper, I had to buy 2 sets of wheels to assemble what I need. After fitting the wheels on the car, I was glad to see new look.

As time went on, I ordered the missing parts, front bumper AMG, rear bumper, new moldings, headlight glass, headlight wipers and other stuff to give the car to paint. At the same time installed air suspension, put the wheels, the car looked better, but needed painting and now 5 months after the purchase of w124, it has acquired new look.

It's my weekend car, but I'm thinking of selling it to collect something even more interesting.

Passport data

- The engine 2,6 gasoline (160 hp)
- Rear wheel drive
- The 1988 car of the year, was bought in 2018



Mar 3, 2018 9:03:00 PM

So I'm bought it!!


wheel disks

Apr 6, 2018 9:19:00 PM

New Wheels


body repair

Jul 12, 2018 7:44:00 PM

New color



Jan 9, 2019 7:52:00 PM

Final look


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