GMC Sierra - Model Sierra 1500 Extended Cab Year 2000



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Jef Brifth

Jef Brifth

Jef Brifth , years old I drive GMC Sierra 1 generation

About my car Random machine

I was on a shopping trip at Summit Racing in McDonough, GA (8/8/11) when I came across a set of Bushwacker Extended Fender Flares on the discount table for $100 instead of the $408 regular price. needless to say, I grabbed them up right away and went to installing them as soon as I made it home. An hour later, my truck had a more finished and broader look to it. I can't be happier with the results.
I was on a shopping trip at Summit Racing in McDonough

Passport data

- The engine 4,3 gasoline (200 hp)
- Rear wheel drive
- The 2002 car of the year, was bought in 2002


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