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Nick Pleempton

Nick Pleempton

Nick Pleempton , years old I drive Dodge Neon 2 generation

About my car Random machine

UPDATE: July 2nd 2013: It's been almost a year since I have done anything with the ride. I decided that I was going to change the look of the headlights. I removed and sanded down the lens to remove the original paint job I did. Next, I decided that I liked the "S" style eyelids but didn't want to do vinyl. So I took pin stripe tape and did the S pattern. I "eyeballed" the opposite side to get to match as close as possible. Masked the bottom and shot the black then clear coated the entire lens. The next day I wet sanded the lens with 1500 and then buffed them and heres the result!

Passport data

- The engine 2,0 gasoline (133 hp)
- Front wheel drive
- The 2004 car of the year, was bought in 2004


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