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Alexandr Ivanov , 24 years old I drive BMW 5 Series E39, Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124

About my car Random machine

Having bought w124 for the project, I understood that I needed car for everyday use, but I had been looking for e39 in good condition for long time, I spent about 3 months on it, but could not find the option I was interested in. At first I was looking for only 530i with motor m54b30 but alas could not find with this motor, I wanted the car was necessarily in the M-package. And now, after 3 months my friend offered me his e39 523i and I bought it. Beautiful dark blue color, M-bag, everything I need. The plans to install the front seats from e38 with breakable backs, put R19 wheels, Polish the whole car and install black ceiling. This car is my everyday drive, so much to write about nothing. By the way the mileage of the car at the time of purchase was 320 000 km, now 350 000 km, no problems with the engine was not, we have in Siberia severe frosts and it is easy to start in -30, and, oddly enough, BMW does not break.

Passport data

- The engine 2,5 gasoline (170 hp)
- Rear wheel drive
- The 1999 car of the year, was bought in 2018


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