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Worst used cars



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We have collected a top used cars that are not desirable to buy, even if they are in relatively good condition at the time of sale, because quickly enough they will break down, and these breakdowns are not the cheapest pleasure.

Alfa Romeo 159 (2004-2011) is good in management, it necessarily attracts the eyes of passers-by, and in red it is really difficult to look away. However, many owners of this model rejoice exactly to the first breakdowns which become mass after three years of operation or after 60 thousand run. The greatest problems in this car is associated with electrical equipment.

Bentley Continental GT (2003-2011) coupe definitely say a lot about your status and position in society. But even if you could afford to buy a car, it does not mean that you will be able to serve it without any problems. And the problems with this machine appear in just 2 years: the first thing that will definitely fail-air suspension. And God forbid you do not keep track of the engine W12, where the replacement of one oil seal cost too much, which will have to pay for the work. In addition, the price of used Continental GT melts literally like snow under the spring sun. So do not be surprised when two years ago buying a car for 350 thousand dollars, will be able to sell it for a maximum of 250 thousand.

Chrysler 300C/Lancia Thema (2005-), which has its European counterpart in the face of Lancia Thema - it's big, with the original design, relatively expensive and solid car. However, this model has several "Achilles ' heels", expressed by the problem automatic transmission, generator, climate control and multimedia. In addition, relatively inexpensive sedan is simply breath-taking prices on body parts.

Fiat 500L (2012-) - compact, nimble, cute and funny minivan will not only please you, but also upset the systematic robot breakdowns, failure of the rear view camera, audio system and constant problems with the battery. Further, this car just needs a turbo timer, as the turbine, which "serves" 1.4-liter engine, very gentle and does not tolerate overheating.

Jeep Grand Cherokee (2011-) is an American SUV for the European market has huge problems with turbocharged diesel engine 3.0-liter, which are equipped with most models of this manufacturer in Europe. The owners of this SUV often complain about the electronic engine control unit, as well as interruptions in the operation of the automatic transmission. In addition, he has the same "disease" with multimedia, like Chrysler 300C. Complete the picture of the ball bearings in the suspension.

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class (2006-2012) - First generation of the German crossover turned out comfortable, powerful, roomy, but... with a weak brake system and too "buggy" electronics. In addition, the crossover is poorly designed for our roads, as its pneumatic system quickly fails, which translates into a good amount of money. Therefore, even if you buy a car BU this model, at least not on the air.

Mini Cooper (2006-2013) is a German hatchback of British origin, like any other BMW is sure to give you a lot of pleasure from the management, as well as a lot of problems faced by the owners of the "Bavarians". Who of them does not know the problems with the ever-flowing water pump, intake valves, air conditioning system, and in the case of 1.6-liter engine and even problems with the timing chain.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport (2005-2013) managers of Land Rover have a special joke for buyers model Range Rover: "Take two! On one you will go, and the second will be on HUNDRED". If you get a used car, sign up for a service station in advance, as problems with running, suspension, pneumatic and electrical equipment are simply guaranteed!


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