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One of the most interesting solutions in the automotive industry is the emergence of hybrid engines. Machines of this kind are designed to minimize fuel consumption, as well as serve faithfully to its owner. Among the most popular cars with a hybrid engine – Toyota Prius 30. Today it is considered one of the best in its class. But there is a perception that the Prius of the third generation is quite mediocre machine with many problems. Therefore, in order not to sound unfounded specific information, it is necessary to know: what are the disadvantages of Prius, and whether to buy it.

Technical specifications:

  • Modification (engine): 1,8 CVT (100 kW (134) HP / 5200 vol.), Multi-point injection, hybrid gasoline;
  • Transmission: ECVT (variator)
  • Maximum speed: 180 km / h;
  • Type of suspension:
  • Front suspension - Independent-McPherson;
  • Rear suspension-semi-Independent
  • Clearance: 140 mm
  • Tire and disc dimensions: P195/65 R15
  • Body type: Hatchback
  • Average fuel consumption: 1.8 CVT-3.9 l / 100 km.
  • Carrying capacity: 435 kg.
Toyota Prius easily took the leading position among cars with hybrid drive. It was easy, because there is no special competition in this segment of the market. Hybrid car with a fairly competitive modification was able to put on the market only Honda, but still Toyota bypassed it in all respects.But, if you take into account all the cars of this class, Toyota Prius will be approximately in the middle of the rating. Now the sales of this machine are stable, but they do not reach the planned manufacturer. A number of flaws and frankly weak points make drivers regret their choice.Most interestingly, the Prius of the first generation, which was released for the first time in 1997, claims the least. The second-generation Prius, in the NHW20, and the third-generation Prius in the ZVW30 were developed on its basis.The weaknesses of the Toyota Prius third generation:
  • Fuel system;
  • Hybrid system;
  • Inverter and inverter cooling pump;
  • Salon.
Let us examine in more detail…

Fuel system

First of all, the owners of Prius note that the fuel consumption of the car is much more than the stated. When repairing the fuel system is waiting for a new unpleasant surprise. Fuel filter somehow placed in the gas tank, which greatly complicates the repair and raises the price.The first thing that catches the eye immediately after the purchase (according to eyewitnesses-owners) – is a greater fuel consumption than stated. But ... at once it should be noted that the indicators sounded by the producer are achievable at usual driving on city roads or the route. In fact, this is still added to the operation of the audio system, air conditioner or stove (in summer and winter, respectively) and other factors that increase consumption. Without this, the numbers on the scoreboard correspond to the declared. Exceptions unless can make cars, whose mileage exceeded 250-300 thousand km-here it is already possible to speak about the increased fuel costs.

Hybrid system

It is, in principle, everything is the same as the Prius of the second generation, but a higher level. The electric motor is now more powerful, its connection to the gasoline engine still provides planetary transmission. But this led to the appearance of excessive noise at high speeds. Also, the updated system is very uneven running on idle.According to the manufacturers, this car is fully designed for trips around the city and with proper operation and timely maintenance, it will not require repair and replacement of any parts for a long time. In fact, it was the opposite.There are two possible variants of faults that may occur during the operation of the car.The first-the breakdown of the inverter: the cost of this item is quite high, but... when buying one from an authorized dealer. Practice also shows that in conventional auto parts stores the purchase of parts is much cheaper, because the solution to this issue is not difficult.
The second sore of this engine is the batteries: when leaving the work of one or a couple of elements in the official workshops, they will insist on a complete replacement of the entire unit, which will come out in a good penny. In fact same can be replace (even on their own, having read the necessary information) non-performing elements and continue to touring.

The inverter pump and the inverter cooling

The cooling pump for the inverter has obvious disadvantages, as it often breaks down. The driver must carefully monitor its condition, as the inverter also instantly overheats and must be replaced.There is the occurrence of frequent breakdowns in the inverter cooling pump, if for any reason the level of antifreeze in the tank falls. Malfunction of the pump causes overheating of the inverter and, of course, it comes into complete disrepair and requires its complete replacement. The price of the inverter if it will be able to find reaches one hundred thousand rubles.Advice! Prius owners should carefully monitor the presence of antifreeze in the pump tank and all warning signals of the car computer. The cooling system is a vulnerable point of this model and can give a lot of surprises.


For unknown reasons, the front panel of the Toyota Prius made the example of sports models. This is not very like the owner of this machine, especially since it has a lot of buttons in an inconvenient order. The designers did not take care of the intuitive control panel, they just wanted to maximize the second generation version.In the process of using the car it becomes clear that the interior decoration went poor quality materials. They peel off by themselves, the plastic parts begin to rattle.

The main drawbacks of Toyota Prius 30 2009-2015 release

There are a number of common drawbacks that you should definitely pay attention to:

  • Too low clearance;
  • Acidification caliper brakes;
  • Steering rack. Here the cat in a bag: someone she regularly works and with a large mileage, and someone is out of order already on 50-70 thousand kilometers. But this is really a weak side of the Prius, because when you buy it you just need to be ready.;
  • High chance to damage the hybrid part in an accident;


However, in the third generation Prius has really become faster and more powerful. It is hoped that in the next series releases manufacturers will finalize this model.When buying a Toyota Prius, it is necessary to conduct a full computer and conventional diagnostics. The specialist must determine the degree of wear and tear of all components and systems of the car. Repair of even a single node is a very expensive pastime. Inspection of the body is also required for all connections.When buying a new or used Toyota Prius you need to remember that its repair on the shoulder not everyone is a specialist. It is best to carry out its inspection and repair on specialized services, and they can not be found in every city.

Weaknesses and major shortcomings of the Toyota Prius with mileage 30

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