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Article about car travel in the United States: what you need to know, the nuances of renting a car, insurance, parking, fines, prices, etc.

The United States – the country of cars and roads, so do not have to be surprised by the unanimous opinion of seasoned travelers: to get acquainted with this country is most convenient, sitting behind the wheel of a car.

The car gives travelers the freedom of choice of route, the lack of dependence on regulations of public transport timetables or tour itineraries. You can plan your own route or without unpleasant consequences to break it, seeing away from the route something interesting.

In short, a trip to the United States by car is an unforgettable pleasure. But in order to make such a trip really memorable for a long time extremely pleasant moments, it is necessary to know in advance some important nuances.

Car rental

Overseas in his car – exotic is not for everyone. The most common and logical option is to rent a local car.

In the USA it is allowed to rent a car on the Russian driver's license. Unlike the rules of some other countries, here in order to rent a car, a driver's license of international standard is not required.

The person renting the car must not be under 18 years of age. In some rental companies this limit is even higher – 21 years. In order to get a car for rent, you will need:

  • passport with valid visa;
  • driving license;
  • credit card.
  • If the driver is less than 24 years old, he will be trusted only with low-cost car models, and will require an additional insurance contract: American rental companies do not like to stay in the loser, and young drivers according to statistics are more likely to get into road trouble.
  • Premium cars, such as the Lexus UX 200, Porsche Cayenne or Tesla can only be trusted to drivers who have more than three years of driving experience.
  • A very convenient service is to book a car in advance. Even before arriving in the United States, you can find a suitable rental option, using, for example, an Internet service The site is a search form for a suitable rental option, something reminiscent of the usual us search form air, bus and train tickets: specifying the state, city, brand, date of receipt and date of return of the car, you will receive a list of available rental options.

Health insurance

Going on a trip, no one usually thinks about possible visits to the doctor. Meanwhile, the human body is an unpredictable thing, and such a long journey as a trip overseas can bring not only pleasant surprises, but also health problems. You should know that medicine in the United States is extremely expensive, and the only way not to be left without money at all, having got to the American Aesculapius – to purchase health insurance in advance.Making this document, you should not regret the time in advance and figure out what kind of insurance contract you need, and with which company it is most profitable to conclude.

Focus on the roads

To travel on the roads of the United States is to make a route in advance and stock up on GPS-Navigator. Here you can rent a Navigator, but not to pay up to $ 7 a day, there is a sense to bring your Navigator from home, download to your tablet or smartphone online programs and offline maps (can also be useful — the Internet on the road can be in some areas and not be).Paper roadmaps can also be purchased at any American supermarket or gas station. Do not neglect this opportunity: on these maps are marked not only roads, but also attractions that may interest you.

In the densely populated American megacities and their surroundings there are a lot of toll highways. In the States, there are several ways to pay for travel on toll roads:

  • with the help of a transponder transmitter (as a rule, it is offered to rent together with a rented car);
  • using the card on the profile site on the Internet (this is quite a convenient way, because you can pay for a few days after you drove on the highway);
  • cash (quite a rare method, but in some places it is found).
The main speed limits for motorists in the United States:
  • on the motorway – up to 55 to 75 miles per hour;
  • in the village – from 20 to 25 miles per hour;
  • residential area – 15 miles an hour.
The maximum speed limit is 5 miles per hour. For higher speedometer will have to pay a fine. It is important to know that the size of the fine depends on how exceeded the speed limit. The amount can reach several thousand us dollars.For example, thrown on the side of the car window garbage will cost the offender a tidy sum of about 2 000 dollars. Fines for the same violation may vary from state to state.If you broke the rules, and get fined – you should not delay his payment. There are three ways to pay the law quickly:
  • pay the fine in cash on the spot, exchanging the required amount of money for a receipt for payment of the fine;
  • send the required amount to the police Department directly in the envelope with the necessary related information (the police officer will always tell you how to make such a mail);
  • pay a fine issued by the guardian of the road order through a specialized website on the Internet.
You should not try to pay off a bribe — it is considered as a very large violation of the law and can "pull" for a prison term.

Wild animals on the roads

In the US, there are many national parks, and roads often stretch along forests. Therefore, the probability that you will meet livestock or wild animals on the road is quite high. As a rule, in such areas there are signs warning the driver about the possibility of collision with animals. The greatest danger to face a deer or to run over a raccoon in twilight. In any case, seeing the warning sign, it is better to reduce the speed of driving.

Features of travel at intersections

In the US, there are nuances when crossing intersections. There are a lot equivalent to intersecting roads, where intersections includes a STOP sign and conducted a stop line. At this intersection it is necessary to stop, and go further only if there is no interference on the right.
At the crossroads of two equivalent roads can also act as a rule "who first drove up, the first goes on." Therefore, it is better to show extra attention, not to be reckless and not to hurry, so as not to get yourself problems.

School buses, cars with sirens and special signals

In the United States for school buses – special treatment. If a STOP sign appears on such a bus, all drivers, regardless of whether they are moving in the same direction as the bus or towards it, must stop completely and not move from the place until all children enter or exit the vehicle, the STOP sign will not go out and the bus will not continue the way.

Gas Stations

USA – a country of roads and cars, but the infrastructure is not always "on top". In remote and sparsely populated areas gas stations can be located at a considerable distance from each other. To avoid trouble, you should always fill a full fuel tank and ensure that the fuel tank readings were not less than half the available volume. Otherwise, the trip may turn into a hopeless situation somewhere in the middle of a deserted road.Very relevant this recommendation is considered by those who traveled to the national parks of this country: with gas stations in these regions, to put it mildly, the situation is not too good.


Cheap motels are usually located on the outskirts of the cities. It is considered an inexpensive Motel where the price tag is around $ 35 per night. It is best to choose the appropriate option on a specialized Internet resource or a local directory.Food in the States is inexpensive. Fast food or roadside sandwiches – quite a decent way to eat without spending extra money. However, cafes and restaurants will cost much more expensive, especially if they are located in crowded places. With self-cooking for food will have to save up to $ 60 a week.In order to save money on entering national parks, it makes sense to purchase a special pass. It pays off if you plan to visit at least four national parks.

Better stay safe than feel sorry

Well, at the end of the article – a few tips, the observance of which will help to avoid trouble.If you have booked a hotel room, but for some reason you are late, be sure to let us know by calling the hotel. It should be remembered that in the United States, not all hotels have 24-hour reception.The campers don't stop and pick up passengers on the roads. With people outside the settlements at all is to communicate as little as possible.In case there is a breakdown of the car on the way, you should take care in advance and write down the emergency phone in the notebook. As a rule, managers with whom they conclude a lease contract, provide their customers with such numbers, but in extreme cases, the service always works nine-one-one.If the car was injured in an accident or became a participant in a traffic accident, you should immediately notify the Manager of the rental company.


A trip to the United States by car is an unforgettable, bright and comfortable journey, which you will remember for a long time and tell your family and friends. We have shared with you some information that can help make this trip as pleasant as possible. Good luck to you!

Article about car travel in the United States: what you need to know, the nuances of renting a car, insurance, parking, fines, prices, etc.

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