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In General, the image of a typical representative of high status contains not only indications of the possession of luxury goods ("expensive technician", "expensive car", etc.), but also a number of positive personality traits ("smart", "purposeful", "strong", etc.). At the same time, the image contains many negative categories, such as "arrogant", "aggressive", "with alcohol dependence", etc.

The average status is described through its typicality, the absence of bright differences from the majority. Here the main categories are "average", "gray", "normal". In General, the image of a typical average individual in the descriptions closer to the representative of high status. Thus, both images (with different frequency, but the same modality) contain such categories as "smart", "educated", "confident", "calm". Moreover, the representative of the middle status is perceived as "quite successful". In the images of representatives of the middle and low status there are no matching categories of one modality.

A typical representative of low status is characterized by passivity, weakness, lack of initiative, depression. For the image it is also important that such a person is uneducated and stupid.

The presence of such components as "family", "marital status" and "friends" in the images of typical representatives of different statuses also confirms our assumption about the importance of interpersonal relations for the phenomenon of social status.

In turn, the elements of "respect" and "power" appear only in the image of a representative of high status. Here it is particularly important to emphasize that the component of the representation of "power", included in the second peripheral system, in the case of the description of images also does not play a key role. Thus, this element is represented in the image of a typical representative of high status in two categories – "endowed with power" and "power", their total frequency does not exceed 14%, more this category is not represented in the description of images. This confirms the assumption that the idea of power and influence may not be fully appreciated by young people as significant for taking a position in society.

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To describe the images of medium-and high-status individuals such element of representations as "car" is used. In social representations, this category was the only one describing the external manifestation of the status. In the images, in addition to the car, there are other characteristics of appearance (to a large extent the representatives of the high status), however, the appearance in the images of this component is particularly significant, including due to the fact that the respondents specify the quality of the car ("expensive" – for high-status, "middle class, Volkswagen" – for the average).

Such clarification suggests that the car, being an expensive attribute of the life of the individual, from the point of view of the studied social group, better reflects the social status of the person due to the fact that society can be formed basic ideas about the model range of cars, their price range and, consequently, the compliance of a particular car specific status. Moreover, the car is "in sight" in contrast, for example, from real estate, and, at the same time, if some attributes of appearance (costume, jewelry) can be difficult to assess in terms of their "prestige", and others are, on the contrary, easily identifiable, but publicly available (phones, tablets, and more), the car acts as a universal basis for determining the status of a person.

Thus, it is clear that for all three images there are General categories with different modalities ("education", "appearance", "security", "work", etc.). These categories overlap in many ways with the elements of social status that have been identified. In this regard, we can assume that the categories of "education", "work, career", "money, wealth...", "family, marital status" play a special role in determining and understanding the essence of the phenomenon of social status.

Nevertheless, each of the images has its own unique categories. For example, "average, normal, gray" – a representative of the average status; or elements of emotional state ("unhappy, sad, offended, depressed") – representatives of low status. At the same time, the representative of the middle status is perceived as the most pleasant and causing a positive attitude, the representative of the high status is described more by categories of character and achievements in various spheres of life, and the representative of the low status, in turn, is presented in a negative way, having no achievements and prospects, moreover, the representative of the low status is presented as an unhappy, dissatisfied, but uninitiated individual."


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