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Autostart, start-stop system, voice assistant, boot opening function with a swoop of the foot and other dubious options for which it makes no sense to pay

Equipment and options, which yesterday were the privilege of expensive cars of premium brands, are now coming to the mass segment. Even buyers of budget sedans can count on climate control and some assistant systems, but manufacturers are constantly coming up with something new. There is no sense to pay for everything-in the lists of options there is equipment that does not help, but, on the contrary, irritates the driver or others.

Gear shift paddles

An accessory from the world of Motorsport could be useful on a race track, but the people who use it for its intended purpose, a few. Under normal use machines engage manual shift transmission at all there is no sense — modern automatic transmission will make all faster and more accurately. Petals only interfere with the rapid rotation of the steering wheel. An alternative can be considered a sports mode box, which is included in one movement and makes the responses of the power unit more abrupt.

Robotic transmission

Mechanical box with a set of servos could be an inexpensive alternative to the "machine", but none of the manufacturers have not been able to make such boxes work quickly and comfortably. Even Avtovaz, several times restarting the "robot" on the basis of its five-speed "mechanics" and achieved almost smooth operation, abandoned it in favor of the variator. Now the "robot" remained only on the budget Lada Granta.

Autorun system

Inexpensive remote start systems are put even on budget cars, so in the mornings in the yards several engines are flailing in vain, extremely inefficient fuel consumption and throwing harmful substances into the atmosphere. For the sake of warming up the cabin, the engine needs 10-15 minutes to work idle, irritating neighbors. If there is really a need to sit in a warm car, it is better to spend on an Autonomous pre-heater, which consumes a minimum of fuel, quickly warms the interior and at the same time warms the coolant for trouble-free engine start in the cold.

A standard navigation system

In the era of gadgets and affordable Internet, expensive navigation systems with mediocre graphics, a limited database of objects and irrelevant maps seem like a real anachronism. Even the owners of premium cars paying for Navigator of hundreds of thousands of rubles, in the end, focus on the cards "Yandex" or Google your smartphone. The most reasonable now seems to be the use of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay services, and some manufacturers have begun to integrate Yandex services into media systems.

Circular view cameras

A beautiful view from the top does not help to Park or drive past densely standing cars: the picture is very distorted and completely rely on it can not be. Side of the camera is almost useless in the Parking lot at the borders much more accurately this can be done with the help of mirrors. For comfortable Parking, a wide-format rear view camera is enough, which allows you to measure centimeters. The front camera makes sense only when leaving the arch of the yard or a row of parked cars, but only if it is able to "look around the corner" well.

Low profile rubber

Large wheels with low-profile tires look beautiful, by default are put on expensive car configuration and promise more refined driving characteristics. They can really improve the handling a little, but significantly reduce the comfort of the trip: a thin layer of rubber absorbs bumps worse, and the wheels themselves weigh more, which is why the suspension works harder and louder. Finally, low-profile tires are much more expensive, which leads to a lot of spending when buying a seasonal set of wheels.

Autostart, start-stop system, voice assistant, boot opening function with a swoop of the foot and other dubious options for which it makes no sense to pay

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