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​Nissan Leaf battery



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The one that has a capacity of about 24 kWh and costs about $6,500.

  1. The battery is located under the bottom, closer to the back of the car. Usually not that fancy-ass-orange on the photo, at least in cars of 2011-2012.
  2. The battery is bolted to the bottom.
  3. Unscrew, remove from the car. The weight of the entire module - 294 kg on the machines of 2011, but already 218 kg on the machines 2013.
  4. Discover. Inside the battery modules, the circuit breaker (?), battery monitoring system. There is no complex cooling system, Nissan Leaf uses only air.
  5. Moving from the output connectors: first there is a contactor, then the battery control system (BMS).
  6. Only modules and wires remain. Sideways are modules with a total capacity of 12 kWh, installed on the car battery, they are under the rear sofa.
  7. The remaining modules are scattered "lying" in the lower part. There are 48 such modules.
  8. One module weighs about 3.8 kg in Nissan Leaf 2012, the module body itself is about 600 grams. The module features - 7.6 Volts, 66.2 Ah.
  9. Inside each module there are 4 cells of "batch" type with a capacity of 33.1 Ah, voltage 3.8 Volts and weight 799 grams. Judging by the video, the module is not particularly collapsible.
These characteristics give us a specific capacity of about 157 WH / kg at the cell level for Nissan Leaf 2011-2012. The cells used NMC chemistry, to be more precise, LiMn2O4 with LiNiO2 cathode and graphite anode. New modules are sold by private sellers at a price of $119 per module ($5,700 for 48). With the price of the modules, the cost per kWh adds up to about $240. In each module just about 0.5 kWh. Used modules (usually from broken machines) are twice cheaper, for example, $225 for 4 modules.Since Nissan gives a warranty on the battery for 8 years or 160,000 km, and the car began to be sold in 2011, Nissan Leaf owners are still not interested in all this, but the modules are actively buying various "homemade".


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