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The main systems of active safety of cars in 2019 are named. See the main tasks of the systems, the possible variations than plan to complement the cars.

It is almost impossible to imagine a modern car without an elementary safety system. The so-called "naked" basic configuration has long left the market, and in their place came complete versions of the car. In Russia and neighboring countries there is no specific list (standard) of active and passive security systems. However, in other European countries and the United States, this list is standardized, and many manufacturers offer more than is on the list. Consider the list of these systems and their main purpose.

What is an active vehicle safety system?

All car security systems are divided into passive and active. In our case, consider the active system, which often began to implement in the basic configuration and transferred to a number of standard set. Active security system-is essentially a set of different systems, sensors, mechanisms and other elements of the car, paired with thoughtful software.

The main task of the active safety system is to prevent a traffic accident, as well as to exclude situations that can lead to an accident. Among these reasons may be a breakdown, failure of the control system or simply inattention of the driver. A feature of the active system is the presence of intelligence or a certain algorithm by which the mechanism can bring the car out of a critical situation. In other words, avoid a collision, thereby not only saving the passengers, but the car itself as a whole.

The mechanism of pedestrians recognition

Given the huge progress of modern technologies, especially in the direction of electronics, the list of active security systems can not be listed for a long time. Yet today, experts and manufacturers have brought the main list of active safety systems that have become standard for many new cars, even in the basic configuration. For example, some European standards for machines and their stuffing safety. Their list includes such active systems:
  • the antilock;
  • anti-slip mechanism;
  • brake force distribution system;
  • emergency braking;
  • stability;
  • obstacle and pedestrian detection mechanism;
  • automatic activation of the alarm in case of emergency braking.
At first glance, this list of active systems seems primitive, but even this set plays a significant role in the management of the car. In addition, the listed list is closely related to the braking mechanism of the car, respectively increase the braking efficiency. It is no secret that in addition to the brakes, these mechanisms can drive the engine, lower or increase speed.Anti-lock braking system (ABS) - is used to prevent the wheels of the car from locking at the time of braking, so that the machine remains controllable. It also reduces the length of the braking distance, provides better maneuverability and control at the time of emergency braking.Anti-slip system, also known as anti – slip system, is designed to prevent the driving wheels from slipping. It can work independently or in conjunction with other active and passive systems. The name may vary depending on the manufacturer. The most common are ASR, TCS and STC.Brake force distribution-typically, the mechanism operates on the rear axle of the car. Modern machines are designed in such a way that the front is loaded more than the rear, respectively, blocking the rear wheels can lead to course destabilization. If we talk about the structure of this mechanism, it is only software that is parasitic on ABS. Common names EBD and EBV.Emergency braking-the name speaks for itself. The main purpose – the effective use of the brake mechanism in the necessary emergency. The use of this mechanism can reduce the braking distance by 15-20% from the standard version. Sometimes this can be a decisive moment in preventing an accident or reducing the force of impact.


Course stability-is used to maintain the stability and maneuverability of the car by determining and eliminating critical moments. This system has become standard equipment in the United States and the European Union since 2011. The most common name is ESP, as well as VDC.Obstacle and pedestrian detection mechanism-prevents the car from colliding with a pedestrian. Recognizing the object, the speed of the car automatically slows down, if possible, the system avoids a collision or at least reduces the force of impact. Starting in 2010, Volvo introduced the system into the standard set of its cars. Common names – PDC, APDC, or EyeSight. The inclusion of an emergency brake-an important element among the active safety. With the name it becomes clear if the car has made an emergency braking, automatically turns on the emergency. This will not only prevent collisions with other cars, but also warn other road users.It should be understood that this is the main list of active mechanisms that are now mandatory in different countries. With the measure of progress, manufacturers introduce new active systems, thereby each time expanding the list.

Driver's fatigue monitoring

In accordance with the progress, the list of active safety systems is also changing rapidly. The European Union and the United States have approved a new list of active mechanisms of the car, which should become standard by 2021. According to various reports, it can save at least 7,300 lives, thereby preventing 38,900 possible accidents. This list includes the following mechanisms:
  • automatic emergency braking system;
  • alcoholic blocker;
  • driver fatigue monitoring;
  • accident data logger (so-called black box);
  • automatic activation of the emergency brake;
  • intelligent cruise control (ISA);
  • monitoring, lane traffic;
  • the safety area on the bonnet for pedestrians;
  • modified seat belts;
  • additional protection of the driver and front passenger from side impact.
Today we can not say that the proposed active security systems are installed on all new cars. Well-known brands of cars are trying to keep their bar, completing the basic configuration is not worse than sold top options. Other manufacturers are trying to save on this, thereby supplying the "poor" basic configuration of machines.Most surprising is the presence of the system "alcohol blocker". The mechanism works in a constant automatic mode, and it is almost impossible to turn it off. On the one hand, this is a huge plus, as they suggest a significant reduction in accidents due to drivers under the influence of alcohol. On the other hand, in the case of passengers with alcohol intoxication, the mechanism may not give the green light to travel.

Seat belts in the car

As they say, a lot will depend on the manufacturer of the car, as well as the logical device mechanism. Assume that in case of detection of such a driver, the system will automatically send a signal to the nearest patrol. Therefore, this innovation may not appeal to every driver.
Another refinement will be the "black box", aka data logger. For modern cars is an indispensable thing, as not infrequently the situation with an accident solved for months, or not guilty, becomes guilty. As statistics show, not always the court can be on the side of the victim. The mechanism records all the characteristics of the car, speed, driver behavior, including the manner of driving. Thus, removing the information from the "black box" it is possible to understand the situation.In addition to these active systems, manufacturers will finalize the existing options. An example of this is the safe area on the hood of the car (revision will affect the appearance of an additional airbag). Also, the revision will affect the seat belts (to be more precise sensors lock, unlock and actuation). Talking about a standard list of active security systems is a maximum of six months or a year. The progress of technology is huge steps, respectively, the list of functions is constantly changing.

The main systems of active safety of cars in 2019 are named. See the main tasks of the systems, the possible variations than plan to complement the cars.

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