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Article about replacing the cabin filter on Nissan X Trail: what you need a filter, its device, step-by-step description of the work.

Cabin filter is a device that purifies the air that enters the interior of the car through the heating, air conditioning and ventilation system. For what you need a cabin filter, how much it costs and how to replace it with a Nissan X Trail-more in detail in the article.

What is a cabin filter for

The air on the roads is not clean — it contains exhaust gases and dust, allergens. In order that all these substances harmful to human health did not get inside the car interior, the cabin filter is designed. It plays an important role not only for asthmatics and allergies, which are particularly painful to react to polluted air, but also reduces the risk of diseases of the upper and middle respiratory tract in a healthy person who often drives a car.

Cabin filter device

Install cabin filters car manufacturers began at the beginning of this century. The simplest version of this device is made of loose paper, which is treated with a solution and supplied with an electrostatic charge.

Over time, models of cabin filters have become more diverse and complex. Modern variants include several layers:
special filter material (so-called non-woven material), which is able to hold particles up to 0.5 microns;
  • a layer of activated carbon that traps particulate soot and gases and absorbs odors;
  • an electrostatic-charged layer that attracts and traps charged particles in the incoming air;
  • antibacterial layer (optional) that disinfects the incoming air.
When to change the cabin filter on Nissan X Trail

Passing through a stream of polluted air, the filter eventually becomes unusable: clogged pores of non-woven material, reduced or even disappears static electric charge, decreases the efficiency of layers with activated carbon and antibacterial impregnation.The part is disposable, it is impossible to repair (wash, clean) it, you only need to periodically replace it with a new one.According to the technical documentation and recommendations of experts, the cabin filter Nissan X Trail must be changed every 15 thousand km or every time the car is scheduled maintenance.Sometimes the need to replace the cabin filter may arise earlier-it depends on the conditions in which the machine is operated. For example, in a heavily polluted metropolis with constant driving in traffic jams, such a need may come after 10 thousand km of mileage.Since the filtered particles remain in the filter, even with a small mileage, it should be changed at least once a year, otherwise it risks becoming a hotbed of harmful microorganisms or mold.There are four main signs that the filter needs to be replaced or at least look at it and find out its condition:
  • Characteristic smell in the car. In the course of operation, the filter collects all the" caught " particles from the air on itself, eventually turning into a source of a very characteristic unpleasant smell.
  • Entry into the cabin of dust from the duct. If when you turn on the ventilation system of the car from the air deflectors inside the cabin begins to flow a dust cloud, the cabin filter is definitely time to change.
Do not forget that the contaminated filter becomes a breeding ground for pathogens and may well turn from a barrier against infections into their active accomplice.

Operating errors

Incorrect operation of the ventilation system. The more the filter is clogged during operation, the more difficult the air flow enters the cabin. As a result, the ventilation system begins to work intermittently: the cabin temperature rises, in the summer the air conditioner is experiencing additional stress, in the winter the stove may begin to malfunction.Therefore, it is not necessary to save on replacing the filter – its malfunction can lead to much more serious breakdowns and, accordingly, unplanned repair costs.Misting of glasses. If the car Windows start to fog up, it may be the result of interruptions in the operation of the air conditioner and ventilation system, caused by heavy contamination of the filter. Such manifestations are an occasion to attend to the condition of this part, even if the planned replacement is still far away.You can ask the SERVICE station specialists to remove the cabin filter to assess how clogged it is. Timely replacement of the filter often solves the problems of air conditioning and ventilation.When buying a filter, it is important to check the conformity of the markings on the box and on the filter itself, as well as visually see if there are any flaws on the curtain.Also in a number of dealerships of the official dealer of Nissan periodically pass actions for cars older than three years: at acquisition of the salon filter in dealer salon its replacement is made free of charge.

Article about replacing the cabin filter on Nissan X Trail: what you need a filter, its device, step-by-step description of the work.

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