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What are the covers on the steering wheel of the car, what they are, what determines their choice, tips and recommendations.

The driver for safe driving needs to feel comfortable so that nothing distracts from the road. Car manufacturers in the design and manufacture of steering wheels primarily focused on practicality.


On the Russian market you can find a large range of steering braids of different quality, design, able to satisfy every taste and designed for different solvency. Produced even designer covers hand made in a single copy, do not fall under the classification of consumer goods.

Covers that have an inner spacer made of rubber are considered the most practical. The rubber pad touches the steering wheel, securely locking it and not allowing it to scroll, thus ensuring safe driving.

Most often, owners of cars acquire steering braids, in harmony with the color of the car or suitable for the overall color of the interior. Quite often there are sets of bright covers for the steering wheel and seats, with spectacular patterns.

When choosing "steering clothes" should take into account the material put on its manufacture.


Leather braid is the most expensive, but at the same time durable, not deformable or washable, resistant to various mechanical damages.

The material is unpretentious in care, without absorbing moisture or fat, easy to clean, can decorate any salon, giving it an elegant look. As a rule, such covers are sewn carefully, the threads are always selected in tone.

Under any color of salon, it is possible to pick up leather "clothes" for a wheel, many automakers initially offer a huge range of the accessories focused on expensive cars with a rich color palette.

A big disadvantage of the material is called unpleasant tactile properties when used in the cold. In the cold to touch the skin in an unheated cabin, and even more so to drive without gloves, uncomfortable. Leather accessories are a high price range product, so they often look expensive and stylish.

Another drawback is the increase in the thickness of the steering wheel. Even the simplest, smoothest pattern increases the diameter of the accessory, making it "fleshy". For leather lovers who do not like large handlebars, braids of fine leather are offered.

Laced braid from Alcantara looks elegant, tactile delicate and velvety, but fragile, like any suede material quickly wears out and breaks. It is pleasant to touch in the heat, but in the cold it quickly hardens, becoming unpleasant to the touch.

Faux leather, faux leather

The quality of such braids depends entirely on how carefully the material was screwed and glued, whether there are reinforcing or decorative inserts. The shelf life of accessories made of artificial leather does not exceed two years of active operation, after a time the material begins to crack and deform, it becomes unpleasant to touch it. Often complemented by beautiful decorative inserts.

Plush, sponge, fabric, fur

Braids made of the above materials have a decorative, not a practical function. The main plus is a comfortable taxiing in the frosty time, as such materials are very comfortable and warm the palms.

The absolute disadvantage can be considered the speed of pollution, the loss of external attractiveness. Such braids relax, not suitable for a sporty, aggressive driving manner.

The covers for the steering wheel of a sponge made of foam. They reduce stress, eliminate discomfort during movement, touching them is pleasant. The surface of such covers is often formed in the form of special convex pads that massage the fingers and palms of the driver, prevent the hands from slipping off the steering wheel.

Some models from the fabric-plush series have silicone combined inserts that have a massage effect. Often helium inserts allow sellers to position such braids as massage.

Indeed, the palms lying on such a cover, relax, but such accessories for the steering wheel are not suitable for every driver, because they suggest a relaxed, calm manner of driving.

Foam products are pleasant, allow you to fix your hands on the steering wheel. A number of models have an anatomical shape that "remembers" the touch of a particular driver, the size of his fingers and palms. The main disadvantage of such covers is rapid wear – they will have to be changed at least once every six months.

The same can be said about the fur covers that behave in an operation identical to the plush. Beautiful only the first week, then they get dirty, crumple and lose their appearance.


As a rule, the braid for the steering wheel made of rubber comes complete with leather or foam inserts. Such symbiosis is pleasant to a large number of drivers who appreciate not so much show-offs, how many convenience and comfort.

Foam is pliable, elastic, fits well under the hands-it is convenient. Rubber does not slip, allowing very sensitive to feel all the movements of the steering wheel.

For women

We specially duplicate such models with a separate item. Women's braids can be made from all of the above materials, featuring bright colors, intricate patterns. Most often meet from plush, fur, pink skin.

Braids can be decorated with rhinestones, imitating diamonds, shiny details– it is difficult to say about the convenience, but you can immediately see that the machine is "for girls". Especially worth noting are the pink shades, on which traces of dirt appear quite quickly.

Insulated covers

We should also say about insulated covers. Not all motorists can boast that their cars have a built-in heated steering wheel. But cold and frost – an integral part of the Russian reality, and freezing hands in winter – a very common phenomenon.

Each of the materials has its advantages and disadvantages, ultimately focusing on different target audiences. It is impossible to say unequivocally that fabric is worse than leather, or rubber is more convenient than Alcantara. It all depends on the requirements that the driver makes to the accessory-durability, beauty, practicality, warmth.

What are the covers on the steering wheel of the car, what they are, what determines their choice, tips and recommendations.

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