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Where in the world you can rent a car cheaply: top 5 countries, features, important nuances.

Car rental in the journey - it is almost unlimited freedom of movement and a lot of impressions. But not all countries car rental costs the same. Let's determine where this pleasure is the cheapest and learn about some of the nuances of renting a car in different countries of the world.

What determines the cost of renting a car

The prospect of renting a car abroad often scares even experienced motorists. People are afraid of many factors, including:
  • the risk of "flying into the money", that is, to incur significant financial costs, causing damage to other people's automotive equipment;
  • risk of falling victim to fraudsters-unscrupulous landlords;
  • risk of renting a faulty car that could put the lives of the driver and passengers at risk on the roads;
  • the need to fill in a lot of documents, making out the lease agreement.
Meanwhile, this procedure is not terrible, and it looks much easier than you can imagine. Of course, there are unscrupulous firms in any country, but there are online resources with customer reviews, and, guided by this information, select a list of firms that enjoy trust and a well-deserved high reputation, it will not be difficult.Rental prices, of course, in different countries are different. This is influenced by many factors, in particular:
  • class of the proposed rental car;
  • year of manufacture;
  • availability of insurance;
  • "high" or regular season;
  • driver experience and age;
  • place of insurance and car return (return at the airport, train station, in another country-always more expensive than the place of registration of the lease);
  • cost of fuel.
Every year, analysts of travel agencies and other companies in the field of travel and tourism study the car rental market around the world to be able to recommend their customers a particular country and provide data on possible costs if the client is going to rent a car.In this article, we relied on data obtained by analysts’ services Momondo, OneTwoTrip and Frommer's Travel Guides. This company offers its customers the search and comparison of prices for air tickets, hotels and rental cars in different countries of the world.

5. Czech People's Republic

The lower limit of rent for cars in the Czech Republic is $35.The following documents are required for registration:
  • valid passport;
  • driver's license of international standard.
In most of the rental companies in the Czech Republic there is an age limit for drivers: not younger than 21 years. Also, a number of firms require that the driving experience was not less than 2 years, although you can find firms that agree to deal with drivers who have driving experience – from one year.The rental price usually includes:
  • compulsory insurance;
  • road toll;
  • round-the-clock support;
  • brand for toll Czech motorways.
Additionally paid car seat for a child, oversized trunk (for ski equipment), tire and car wash, fines and damage to the car caused by the driver's fault (for example, when driving under the influence of alcohol).Most rental companies do not limit the mileage of the rented car.The Czech Republic accepts standard international credit cards. If you want to rent a premium car, some companies may ask you to show two credit cards at once.As in most countries of the world, rental with advance booking is cheaper than the choice and registration "on the spot". Book a car for rent the easiest way in the international specialized Internet-resources Car-traveler.com, MyRentacar.me, Rentacars.com. After you have booked a car, you will receive a voucher confirming the order, which you need to present to the rental company when you make a paper rental.At gas stations in the Czech Republic you can refuel unleaded 98 - m and 95-m gasoline and diesel fuel. There is no leaded petrol at Czech gas stations. With a canister can carry up to 10 liters of fuel of any type.Driving culture in this country, as they say, "on top": polite drivers, accustomed to concede and miss and expect the same from all traffic participants. In cities, as a rule, a lot of pedestrian areas, so sometimes it is more convenient to leave the car on the outskirts of the city and use public transport or walk.Of the features of traffic rules is to keep in mind the following points:
  • the dipped beam must be switched on regardless of the time of day;
  • everyone in the car should be wearing a seat belt;
  • to 12 years a child must ride in the backseat of the car and by using the appropriate locking system;
  • use the phone without a remote headset, holding the ear tube, while driving the driver is prohibited;
  • move on the left lane can only be during the overtaking maneuver.
Also do not forget to check the rented vehicles for first aid kits, vests with reflective markings, fire extinguisher and emergency stop sign. The car Navigator function that informs the driver about the speed cameras must be switched off.

4. Republic of Cyprus

As in the case of the Czech Republic, the cost of daily rent here starts from $35.On your car to travel on the roads of this island country is almost impossible: to transport the car here is quite difficult and expensive.
If you do not plan to buy a car directly on the island to live here in the future, the best option is to rent.Requirements for the registration of the lease here are standard:
  • driver's license (theoretically enough domestic plastic document, but it is preferable to show the right of international standard);
  • valid international passport;
  • credit card, which will be frozen up to 300 euros.
The only significant caveat to drive on the left.On the territory of Cyprus airports operate international car rental companies: EuroCar, Avis, Sixit. In addition to the airports of Paphos and Larnaca, these companies have their services in almost all resorts.The cost of renting depends not only on the class of the car, but also on the period for which the car is taken: the longer the period – the cheaper it will be necessary to pay for each day of rent.The minimum rental period, which makes sense to navigate in terms of cost-three days. It's very simple: in addition to the international class companies that provide rental cars, Cyprus has a large number of local firms. Their cost of services, as a rule, is lower than international by 20-30 percent.In order to rent a car in Cyprus, the driver must be over 25 years old, but not over 70, and have a minimum of three years of driving experience. There are, of course, firms willing to make allowances for younger or less experienced drivers, but the price in this case naturally increases.From the features of car rental in Cyprus, it is worth noting that the representatives of the rental service, to put it mildly, do not welcome trips on their cars to the Turkish territory of the island.However, there is no clear prohibition here, the poet "if you really want – you can". But do not forget that you will need a passport with a multi-visa Schengen sample, but on the border with Northern Cyprus you will be charged for additional insurance (from 20 to 35 euros).

3. Republic of Panama

Panama is a country on the Pacific coast, where the cost of one-day car rental is from $28.In this country, valid driver's license of the Russian standard, but only for 90 days from the date of arrival in the country. If you do not plan to stay here longer – the presence of international standard rights is not necessary.

2. Spain

In this EU country, the cost of renting a car also starts at $28.The requirements here are also simple:
  • age of the driver - from 21 years (in some companies " bar " rises to 23 years);
  • experience - from 1 year;
  • driving license of international standard or law with inscriptions are duplicated in English;
  • international passport.
All additional services of rent are points of the contract for which it is necessary to pay separately. This includes not only the place of return, different from the place where you took the car, but also-attention! - the time of its return: if you want to take the car outside working hours, it will have to pay extra.

1. Mexico

The cheapest car rental services this year offer their guests rental services in Mexico - from $25 per day.To use this service, you need:
  • to present the automobile rights of the international format from the date of issue of which passed not less than a year;
  • have an international passport confirming that you are over 21 years old;
  • have a credit card, which will block the amount of the deductible (part of the costs, which in case of occurrence is obliged to pay the tenant);
  • in case of booking a car — show the corresponding voucher.


In addition to these countries with the cheapest car rental, you can choose many other places where the most comfortable journey will be a trip on a rented car. Even if you have to save, you can always choose in advance a suitable rental option at a fairly affordable price. The main thing-to carefully study all the nuances of the lease agreement and local traffic rules, and the pleasure of such a trip is sure to recoup the costs.

Where in the world you can rent a car cheaply: top 5 countries, features, important nuances.

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