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If there are dents on your car, then before you repair dents in traditional way, namely, or replace item and paint it, or peening dent, putty and repaint, you should know that most of dents can be straightened and repaired without painting.

On what parts of car dents can be removed without painting

Rectification of dents without painting is possible on any metal parts, including aluminum. Can remove dent without painting on roof, rear or front fender, trunk, door, sills and other metal parts. If you need to repair bumper, you can use service of body repair and painting. In any case suitable repair dents without painting.


It is possible to eliminate dents without painting if they are not accompanied by metal rupture, cracks, paint chips and other defects that violate integrity of paint coating. At same time, repair of dents without painting can fix dent even if there are abrasions and minor scratches on paintwork. In process of paint-free removal of dents paint coating of corrected part of body is polished, which in most cases removes all minor scratches and abrasions.
What is rectification of dents without painting
Pulling dents without painting is made by German technology with help of special mechanical, hydraulic, vacuum and optical tools that allow you to act on dent both from outside and from inside of part. Moreover, if traditional repair of dents often need to dismantle damaged part, paint-free repair of dents in most cases, repair of dents is made without dismantling parts. uniqueness of technology of repair of dents without painting is to understand properties and structure of deformed metal.
Advantages of repairing dents without painting
One of key factors is significant saving of your time. As rule, repair takes from 30 minutes to several hours. In especially difficult cases, if you need to quickly remove large dent from surface of car or large number of dents (eg hail), straightening can take up to ten hours.
After repair in company, having left on repaired car You will have no bans on operation of car, unlike daily body repair when it is necessary to limit mechanical influence on painted details (a sink, wipe, influence of weather conditions).
An important factor in sale of Your car will be that car body is still covered with high-quality factory LCP (paint), as very often potential buyers before buying complete diagnosis of machine, including for painted parts, which indicate accident rate of car. Therefore, paint-free repair of dents is one of latest achievements in body repair of cars.
Perhaps most enjoyable and great advantage is best several times cost of services on alignment of dents without painting, in comparison with usual body painting. Of course you can turn to another – classic version, which for long time (before advent of modern technology repair dents without painting) – is usual ,and often financially costly body repair using straightening, putty and painting, but it is not always done efficiently. After such repairs, operation of car in Russian conditions it is possible delamination of varnish and putty.
In any case, you need to sign up in advance to body repair station, because very often in good body service repair takes very long time.
After that, you need to leave car for few days or weeks, in order for damaged part to be cleaned, putty, applied soil, painted and varnished (each of items must pass through drying).
In addition, even official dealers do not always fall in color, and painted part may be different from factory coating. Thus, body repair of dents without painting is out of competition.
Body parts of car on which there is damage of ribs (as rule) do not repair, and change as putty in such places can peel off.
As body parts of cars made of aluminum - do not putty, and change entirely, because aluminum parts putty is not kept.

How works technology of removing dents without painting

Body repair dents without painting-a technology of future, which works now. Many believe that this is impossible, but master with special tool to restore original appearance of your car.
Right in front of dent disappear from body of car. In most cases, after such repair is almost impossible to find place where once there was defect.
The master squeezes dent from inside using special tool, or from outside using an adhesive system. With this tool, you can get to almost any place on body of car, and there is no need to disassemble car or any of its parts (for example, doors, bumpers, wings), or disassemble them partially (remove skin, etc.).

The history of technology of paint-free repair of dents

The Creator of new and completely unique technology for repairing dents without painting was German engineer Oscar Flag. He applied it in 1952 at one of Mersedes-Benz factories and later, technology of correcting dents without painting spread around world. The discovery of technology of paint-free repair of dents was not accidental. Due to fact that in automotive industry in Germany and United States in 50s, completely new coatings were introduced, based on polymer compounds.
This led to fact that in event of painted metal or plastic surface extensive and deep deformations, paint and varnish is not cracked and not exfoliated.
Also an important factor in invention of technique for removing dents without painting was use of stronger steels and aluminum alloys in automobile bodies, which led to decrease in thickness of body parts, and accordingly it became possible to easily squeeze out dent with help of metal hand tool.
However, more recently, usual body repair was only way to repair all cars. In future, this technology has become widely used in United States, and then, in late 90's and in our country.

​If there are dents on your car, then before you repair dents in traditional way, namely, or replace item and paint it, or peening dent, putty and repaint, you should know that most of dents can be straightened and repaired without painting.

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