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Every car owner cares about appearance of their car. But sometimes, in process of operation, it does not appear pleasing to eye scratches and chips. This point is quite unpleasant for car owner, not only because car loses its aesthetic appearance, but also because it is in places of scratches and chips begins to develop corrosion and rust.


Therefore, it is very important to get rid of such small damages as soon as possible, as delaying repair will lead to even greater costs. On how to eliminate scratches on car body and small chips you will learn from this article. This kind of car like not every motorist.
All scratches that may appear on car body can be divided into several types. These are scratches on top layer of paint, scratches to ground level, and scratches to metal. Each of these types of elimination requires its own approach, which will be discussed below. Repair of scratches, chips on car body with your own hands Start with smallest and less costly damage-scratches on top layer of paint. Remove such scratch is quite simple. There are several ways to do this. One of them-polishing surface of body. This work can be done only when scratch has not reached ground level.
For polishing, you will need special pastes that will help remove thin layer of paint in place of scratch and level it to one level. In this case, it must be remembered that car is not painted, but rather removed layer of paint. It will require accuracy and care, because you can overdo it and Polish to ground layer. Then I have to paint is not only scratch, but entire place polishing. And this will lead to additional costs of money and time. second way to eliminate scratches that have not reached layer of soil – processing it with wax pencil. best effect of this method can be achieved if, after using wax pencil, surface is treated with color-enriched Polish.
It should be remembered that before using wax pencil, car must be washed qualitatively, and place of scratches cleaned with gasoline or white spirit. Remove scratch with wax pencil is quite simple. If scratch is not affected by layer of soil, but in itself is very wide – here polishing and wax pencil You will not get off. In any case it is necessary to paint. Paint will only be enough to scratch. To perform this work, you can paste over scratch on both sides with adhesive plaster or masking tape.
Work with paint and features of its carrying out


To apply paint, you can use brush with which girls paint their nails. Importantly, previously thoroughly washed in acetone, and little thin. If at hand there is no jar of nail Polish, as brush, you can use little ruffled at end of match. And do not forget that before applying paint, it is necessary to carry out same operations as before any painting – qualitatively wash car and treat place of painting with white spirit or gasoline. If scratch touched layer of soil, there are also two possible solutions to this problem. first is suitable only for very thin and small scratches. It consists, as in previous case, in smearing scratches with wax pencil. Again, do not forget about pre-treatment of scratches and washing cars. But make no mistake. This method has one big drawback. Over time, layer of wax will begin to disappear, and scratch becomes more noticeable. Therefore, such treatment will have to be performed again and again at some intervals and to avoid this it is best to place scratch to tint. In this case, two layers of paint are applied after preliminary preparation.
If you notice wide scratch that got to ground forget about wax pencil, it will not help in this case. Here will I paint injury site. This place scratches, you need to wash and handle, as mentioned above, benzene or white spirit. Then it does not hurt to paste over problem area with band-aid around perimeter and apply two layers of paint. This method is much more reliable and effective wax pencil, and it is done only once, unlike first. What if scratch has passed through top layer of paint, layer of soil and got to metal? Although this damage is one of most unpleasant, there are also ways to repair it. Here, usual painting, and even more wax pencil You will not get off.
First of all, as in all cases, car should be thoroughly washed with foam and dry. Then standard process is processing with white spirit or gasoline. After that, wipe car again in place of damage first with damp, then dry cloth. If scratch is already visible corrosion elements, next step will be application of anti-corrosion soil. This element in any case can not be omitted, as painting deep scratch without anti-corrosion soil can lead to unexpected results. Corrosion and rust will continue to develop and under layer of paint, and will soon negate all your efforts. After completing this step, proceed to next – applying thin layer of ordinary soil. This is done to ensure that paint is better kept, and deep scratch without soil will be slightly noticeable.


Next, go directly to painting. Here, on top of thin layer of soil You need to apply two or better three layers of paint, and then give it good dry. Sometimes car owners have problems with Parking, which often suffer bumper. Therefore, scratches on bumpers are fairly common problem that can not be ignored. Plastic bumper is not subject to corrosion and rust, so here everything is simple – cleaning from dirt, processing with gasoline and tint with acrylic lacquer from repair spray or paint. If your car paint type metallic-all same with one small feature.
It consists in fact that such colored layer has little more Shine, which sometimes becomes very noticeable. To eliminate this problem, painted area is covered with thin layer of varnish. This virtually eliminates difference in reflective properties of two sites. So you now know how to eliminate car body scratches, both deep and wide and small surface. Do not forget that scratch must be treated and removed as soon as possible, because in its place may soon form corrosion and rust.

Work on paint chips

With scratch start, but there is still one common problem with body of car is chipped paint. Chipped paint, even with small depth have large enough area, so wax pencil is not used. If depth of chip is small, processing of problem area with color-enriching Polish can help, after which layer of protective Polish is applied. Before treatment, clean and degrease surface. In case when chip got to layer of soil or metal – Polish is useless, and tint place of chip can not be avoided. Some car owners are faced with problem of inflated paint. damage is quite unpleasant, as under these blisters there are pockets of rust and corrosion. Therefore, this problem must be addressed immediately. For this it is necessary to carefully open vial and remove rest of paint. To be removed so that remaining paint is securely held on vehicle body. If after opening bubble you find traces of corrosion or rust under it, be sure to remove it and treat place with anti-corrosion soil. Then you can start painting. paint is applied in several layers so that it is equal in level with old layer.
Stages of repair scratches or chips on body:
  • Preparation
  • Place defect is thoroughly cleaned of dirt, rust traces, if available. Produce sweep to ground. Degrease.
  • Primer
During Troubleshooting you know which primer you need: to paint or to metal. With rubber spatula, apply primer and allow it to dry. Then again we make cleaning of area. That is, all procedures are performed in accordance with technology of painting body, only in small area.
Before applying paint to place of repair, cover surrounding surface of body parts with film or paper and paint tape. Spray paint in accordance with instructions. If repair scratched or chipped You can use "pencil", application of paint manufacture in two or three layers. Immediately do not remove resulting influx. Let paint dry. After repairing chips or scratches to body, and complete drying, re-polishing body in repair place. Given that area of damage is small, body can be polished without use of equipment, i.e. manually. If you have too much scratch area on body of car, repair is likely to be made of entire body parts. There is already one "pencil" is not enough. In same way, plastic parts are repaired with only difference that means for plastic surfaces are used.

Materials for repair of scratches and chips on car body

On shelves of store you can find repair kit to restore surface of car. In simplest form it is few cans of paint, supplemented with consumables. Sets are more expensive and include brushes, sandpaper, varnish, masking tape and other accessories. Often shops offer and tinting paint to desired tone. Repair kits for serious chips contain primer, putty and tools to work with them. Sometimes in sets it is possible to meet structures for processing of corrosion. Anti-corrosion mastic is ideal for auto repair, with significant damage to paintwork. last finishing can be carried out not only with varnish, but also with special tools that increase reflectivity of paint. It is worth considering that mastic will be quite difficult to choose color code, paint and mastic repair kits are quite thick, dry quickly. Dense mastic can be diluted with solvent and use conventional tools, and with paint to be careful.

The calculation of budget

The main reasons for formation of defects-small stones and road sand. They leave multiple, but small scratches. During diagnosis of car it is necessary to assess their size and depth of penetration. matte surface means that damage only affected varnish. Whitened body - damage to paint or even soil. budget will be affected not only by the" depth " of work, but also by speed of reaction. Scratches that have reached metal require immediate repair. ideal driver should keep on hand crayons and to eliminate as far as finding all races. Timely cosmetic work will save money in future. Indicative guidelines for determining costs:

  • - Fix it PRO and New Fix – sets of several pencils, from 0.15 to 2$ excluding shipping.
  • – Single pencil Fix it PRO (Car Repair Pen) - 0,1$.
  • - 5X and 5Pcs-multiple scratches, price up to$7.
  • - 3M Scratch Remove - deep damage, up to$15.
If you decide to carry out full cycle of priming and applying paint, main source of savings will be care. Do not skimp on materials, do not dilute varnish too much — it can leak. Stains from paint are formed due to high humidity of room. For same reason, do not use car until it is completely dry.

​Every car owner cares about appearance of their car. But sometimes, in process of operation, it does not appear pleasing to eye scratches and chips. This point is quite unpleasant for car owner, not only because car loses its aesthetic appearance, but also because it is in places of scratches and chips begins to develop corrosion and rust.

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