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Buying a new battery is perceived as a heavy duty every time: it is not cheap and it is not clear which car battery to choose from a variety of options. We will teach you to understand this topic.

In most auto parts stores you will not be given comprehensive and objective information on the proposed batteries: too capacious and complex this topic for the average sales consultant. But you don't need an electrical expert on the other side of the counter. What matters is that you are able to answer several key questions about the current source.

What's the point?

Size! The battery should fit in the space provided under the hood (under the seat, in the trunk). There are several sizes of battery housing for cars: the so-called European and Asian formats. The dimensions of the most common "Europeans" – 242х175х190 mm, typical "Asian" is generally already above – 232х173х225 mm.

You can not make a mistake with the geometry, especially since it is indirectly connected with the main electrical parameter of the battery-the capacity. As a rule, the smaller battery size, this parameter will also be less, although within 5 Ah deviations are possible. The easiest way not to make a mistake is to focus on the battery that was on your car before.

By the way, studying your old car battery, pay attention to how it is attached to the body – the top bar with long studs (top mount) or small lower strips-clothespins (bottom mount). For the second method, you need special side projections on the base of the battery case – make sure that the new battery has such.

In most cases, the size of the socket under the battery in the car is strictly limited, but sometimes the site is made with a stock – for the complete set of the machine by the engine of another model.

What is the capacity?

What is commonly referred to as battery capacity is estimated in ampere-hours. The bigger the car and the bigger its engine, the more ampere-hours should be. This is a fundamental parameter that characterizes the energy reserve in the battery. Simply put, this figure shows how many times in a row frosty morning you will be able to crank the starter your engine frosted. Or how long will the audio system be able to play in your car while you relax in nature. For example, a low-capacity battery loud music can completely "suck" in the morning, and the medium-sized battery after a day of power speakers and subwoofer can also start the engine.

Economy class batteries require periodic refilling of distilled water, need to be recharged after an idle car and have the lowest among competitors starting current.

Sometimes the car owner has the opportunity to use a battery of greater capacity than the regular – and allow the size and finances. But wouldn't that hurt the car and the battery itself? Definitely not. And whether it is worth doing such an upgrade is a purely individual matter. In our opinion, it is better to pay not for additional capacity in Ampere/hours, but for additional reserve capacity (measured in minutes) or for a greater maximum current (measured in amperes).

Are you the smartest?

This question can ask you in the store, if you ask the seller about the backup capacity of a battery. Or, say, ask about the maximum current that the car battery can give to the consumer within a 30-second discharge cycle. These figures characterize the car battery more deeply, in addition to the generally accepted parameter of capacity in Ampere/hours.

The maximum current (starting current) is written on most modern batteries and on models with a capacity of 60 Ah looks like 480A (EN), 560A (EN), 600A (EN). Some manufacturers measures the inrush current by the method of DIN is EN, so their figure is less 510А (EN) matches 300A (DIN). In practice, a higher starting current means an easier start of the engine. After all, the faster the starter rotates the cold crankshaft, the sooner the motor will come to life. On the other hand, the capacity of the battery with a low starting current may be enough for five or six attempts to start, but they will all be "sluggish", with low starter speed and success will not bring.

Charging battery

Battery backup capacity is not declared by all manufacturers at the same time. On the label, it looks like 90 min, 100 min and shows how long the battery can give consumers a current of 25 amps-a parameter, to some extent similar to the usual indicator of capacity in Ampere/hours, and the more it is, the better. In practice, knowledge of standby capacity can be important for understanding, for example, how long a machine will be able to drive with an idle generator.

Why is this more expensive?

Batteries even with equal basic parameters, but different classes, are very different in price. It's all about the quality of the plates. In economy class batteries, the plates of the current leads are made of lead with the addition of antimony – it is necessary for better molding in the manufacture, but spoils some performance indicators. Such batteries require periodic refilling of distilled water, need to be recharged after the car is idle and have the lowest starting current among competitors.

Batteries average price level complete minus plates with the addition of calcium. Their self-discharge when idle several times lower starting current above, they are aging slower, and are considered as require monitoring of electrolyte levels is much less. This category is called "standard", it is the most popular among Ukrainian motorists. Such a battery can be identified by marking CA (calcium) on the body. Sometimes they may not have visible plugs on the body.

Light the car battery

When buying a battery, it is important to consider the polarity. "Plus" might be right, and "minus" – to the left (or Vice versa). If you buy a battery with the" wrong " polarity, the length of the regular wires of the machine is usually not enough to connect

Finally, premium batteries are assembled entirely from calcium plates, which is why they are marked with Ca-Ca symbols. They can also be distinguished by the absence of plugs on the cover, since such batteries are considered maintenance-free. These batteries have the longest life, the lowest self-discharge and the highest starting current. Sometimes premium batteries write Silver, and this means that in their filling instead of antimony and calcium silver is used. Among the shortcomings – the high price and dislike for the deep discharge, so it is better not to buy them for old cars with a loose electrical system.

The last of these disadvantages are deprived of batteries such as AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat), which can also be attributed to the highest price segment. They are distinguished by even higher parameters. From an engineering point of view, the difference is in the electrolyte, which is not in the form of a freely poured liquid, but is collected in a glass fiber separator near each plate. Most likely, for AGM batteries-the future of starter batteries, but so far their widespread prevents the high price.

​Buying a new battery is perceived as a heavy duty every time: it is not cheap and it is not clear which car battery to choose from a variety of options. We will teach you to understand this topic.

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