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Buying used car is often difficult choice and lottery because finding perfect model can be extremely difficult. Sometimes finding good copy is tantamount to success, because hidden defects can make purchase extremely unprofitable. Understand what to look for when buying used car.

Buying used car is not as easy as it seems. Before inspection, it seems that you remember all nuances, but when it comes time to inspect next instance, we often forget about half of things that we wanted to check, second half hastily checked, and seller perfectly hides shortcomings, and we fall on his hook. result? Bought car in short time begins to “pour” out of order lot of parts, and happiness after “update” replace time spent and nerves. Is there way to avoid this? Yes, but it requires lot of patience, sobriety of mind and intelligence.

Please review announcement carefully

The announcement of sale should be as capacious and informative as possible

Every seller, whether they are private individual selling their only car, or professional trader who delivers more than dozen ads day, wants to sell car quickly and profitably. It is clear that ad will indicate advantages of car, while defects will be placed at very end or even omitted. For example, it is better to write that new tires and drove only 1000 kilometers, and not to describe fact that they are cheapest "Chinese", which after such run need to be replaced.

The better car is described in ad, more difficult it is to evaluate, because subconsciously we believe that it is. Often sellers write that paint in very good condition, although in fact it will be badly scratched, or even in some places will appear rust. description will indicate that car looks beautiful. Afar. In rain. After dark ... and it does not matter that after washing car there will be matte stains, previously covered with wax, and few months after incompetent painting there will be swelling. It's new owner's concern.

When ad is interesting, you should call and ask about things that interest you, such as mileage, technical condition, recent repairs and replacement of parts or fluids, history of accidents etc. Even if all information is in announcement, in live conversation, you can understand cheating if seller or answering questions directly as they are. It is very important to check everything and make sure that seller confirms content of ad before inspection, especially if you are waiting for long journey.

First step is to check condition of body

Body repair is most expensive, so check it with special attention

A very important tool during inspection is thickness gauge (thickness gauge LCP), but first it should not be used, because it may not like seller. First, check paint and its condition, as well as gaps and installation of attachments. You need to look for increased gaps between parts, not factory shagreen, local corrosion and traces of poor paint application to old one. Of course, if we consider car age of more than 10 years, to find copy of ideal LCP is not practical, but age of car does not justify poor-quality “artisanal” repair or serious damage after an accident.

No need to lie to yourself, fifteen-year-old car used daily can't look like new. Therefore, minor scratches and damage on bumpers, door edges, sills or even slightly damaged varnish are normal. On contrary, big doubts should cause an ideal condition and Shine of body which can impress at first, but, on other hand, under such gloss recent repair after road accident can hide. If seller mentioned this in ad and told about reasons, do not worry. But, if seller answers evasively, this can be bad sign. Not bad practice when buying car is special pickiness to detail. There are people who just take care of their car and usually it is visible. owner must answer any question clearly. Unnecessarily evasive answers are questionable.

Attention to condition of steering wheel and shift knob

Replacing steering wheel is quite common before sale of cars

These are some of elements that are kind of measure of mileage of car. It is with these elements that driver has direct contact when driving, so they are subject to severe wear. When buying car with mileage of more than 200 000 kilometers, both elements will be clearly worn-the steering wheel will be smooth, slippery, often cracked. Leather upholstery will show signs of wear. If both of these items look extremely good, it's possible they were replaced by previous owner, which in turn could mean much more mileage than one seller promises.

Condition of seats and pedals

Worn pedal pads with low mileage on odometer-a bad sign, as well as brand new pads with not small mileage

These are also "indicator" elements that driver uses intensively and on which it is possible to estimate approximate mileage. Obvious wear, scuffs and cracks are sign of intensive use of car. When seller claims mileage of about 120-150 thousand kilometers, and driver's seat is badly worn, pedals are erased should think about need to buy such car.

Most often in cars with high mileage (more than 200 000 km) driver's seat is worn out. There are abrasions, cracks, holes, dips. Of course, it will not be problem just to replace driver's seat. In this case, you should compare color, shade and condition of other seats. If you have any doubts, you need to clarify all questions from seller. If he answers evasively, it is better to abandon this option.

As for state of pedals, sign that car is “wound” many kilometers – it is very worn, worn or even “leaky” lining. In addition, badly worn clutch pedal can mean that car has been actively used in city, which in turn may not be desirable for models with diesel engine. Also, doubts should arise with an almost new pedal shell in car with mileage of more than 150 000 kilometers. This could mean they were replaced when "twisting" run.

Mileage issue

High mileage does not mean bad

There is an opinion that it is not necessary to buy cars with mileage of more than 200 000 kilometers, because it is “trash”. It is better to buy car with mileage of 100-150 thousand, because it is "almost new". word "almost" is key, especially with regard to popular models. So does it make sense to look for options with not much mileage? Sense, of course, there is, but with certain nuances.

A well-groomed car with mileage of 250 000 kilometers or more can be better choice than same “abandoned” with mileage of 100 000 km. But how to check real mileage of car? Currently, this is not problem, because there are large number of services for computer definition of mileage, and number of scammers who are trying to “twist” mileage is reduced, although this practice still takes place. If seller doesn't want to go into STO to check is reason to abandon purchase.

And yet, in many cases, mileage is not an indicator. An average driver drives an average of 20,000 kilometers per year, in West, that is, in Germany, Italy or France, average annual mileage is often 30, 40 and even 50 thousand kilometers. That's why ten-year-old car imported from Western neighboring countries, which has mileage of 150 000 kilometers for sale-it is either single instance, or very “tired” sample with twisted mileage. actual mileage of such cars is often 300 or 400 thousand kilometers. Of course, if seller has full documentation, and technical condition of car is not in doubt, refuse to buy such car is not necessary.

Look under hood

To determine stable operation of engine can be by sound

To pre-assess condition of power plant, it is not necessary to be an expert. Enough and General knowledge to exclude purchase of problem car. For example, carefully lifting oil dipstick or slightly unscrewing oil filler cap while engine is running, you can check whether there are any extraneous knocks and vibrations, whether engine smokes. If you notice any of these defects, engine may require serious and, most importantly, very expensive repairs. These facts are also sign of high mileage or extreme disregard for car by previous owner.
We should also check whether there are any visible leaks. If engine is very clean and looks like new, seller probably washed it before selling to hide defects such as visible smudges, oil splashes, etc.

Look under car!

Inspection from below is required

A used car is always worth seeing with someone who knows cars well, has experience selling, buying cars or just mechanic. If none of your friends is not suitable for this item, you can contact service Station to assess condition of car. If machine is all right, seller without further questions to agree to this procedure. However, if seller refuses, it is better to refuse purchase. In addition, cost of professional diagnostics will more than cover upcoming repair costs in case of buying car in poor technical condition. car is worth seeing” in pit " from below, because here you can clearly see all traces of serious repairs and possible defects. For example, engine can be cleaned from above, but from bottom all leaks will be perfectly visible.

Here you can also assess status of individual controls, suspension and exhaust system. For example, original muffler can be confirmation of native run. Under normal use, this item in modern cars can easily withstand about 200 thousand. if vehicle is operated in difficult conditions, chassis will rust, which, in particular, attacks exhaust system and main elements of suspension.

Check condition of consumables!

Before selling, seller usually does not care about state of " consumables”

It is known that seller will not sell car immediately after General Maintenance and replacement of consumables. However, sale of machine can not be an excuse that the” consumables " are in poor condition.

Before buying car, in addition to all fluids (condition and level) check tire condition, brake discs, brake pads, shock absorbers, suspension components, exhaust system, etc. If car is on lift or “pit”, all these components are wonderful views. Discs with damaged rim, brake pads less than millimeter thick, shock absorbers with smudges or worn-out RTI suspension-this is sign that is not much cared for his “iron horse”, he just wants to get rid of it as soon as possible, dropping all worries to repair new owner.

Main thing is not to be trapped with body

To get on badly broken car is not very nice

Unfortunately, it is still very common to sell badly damaged cars as accident-free. In some cases, car is assembled from several other defective. Even if professional will take care of quality repairs, sooner or later problem will still come out. How to check whether car is not "hybrid" of several of same.

There are many methods. First of all, it is necessary to check gaps between individual elements of body. They should be same throughout body, from door arches to edges of bumper. If gaps are different, not parallel, this may indicate that one of body parts was not properly installed after repair. This may not necessarily mean serious accident, but fact that car was subjected to body repair is undeniable.
The next step is to find traces of painting. Most often repaint sills, middle pillar, wheel arches. Usually hurrying painters do not disassemble adjacent elements or plastic accessories, but only protect them with paint tape. All that is required is small gap to paint came under it and left an indelible mark. Such trifles need to be looked for, they can prompt details of emergency past of car.

Looking for artisanal repair

On the” artisanal " repaired car is simply dangerous to drive

Not quality repair-the first thing that gives emergency past of iron horse. You just need to lift hood and look deep into engine compartment – if spars are visible unnatural folds, bends or seams on it, car was in head-on collision. Also worth look at mounting under bumper. same symptoms may indicate serious blow.

At hasty repair masters usually do not bother with small details. Often seals can be detected not factory welds, folds, not original paint etc. All this is indisputable proof that car was involved in an accident. In addition, you should check Windows in car – they should all have same year of manufacture and de-marking.

Where to look for corrosion?

Usually corrosion occurs in places of impact and not quality repair

The answer is – everywhere! First of all, check elements that immediately catch eye, i.e. thresholds, lower edges of doors and wings. You should know that even small points of corrosion and rust deposits grow over time. Early reaction and repair will preserve body part, but larger outbreaks of corrosion and neglect of previous owner will lead to expensive repairs. In case of older cars and low cost repairs may simply be impractical.

Special attention should be paid to cars with numerous patches and traces of corrosion on wheel arches, doors. Very often these elements are corroded. In most models, these places are covered with plastic plates, which are not an option to disassemble before buying. However, if from under these overlays traces of rust or paint swelling are visible – repair can be very not cheap.

The body looks good and doesn't look suspicious? Do not rush to conclusions, just look under car. Dirt and dust should not be concern, but rusty floor, spar with “holes” or large corrosion centers in places of fastening of suspension elements, of course, talk about not proper care.

If chassis is in doubt, it is necessary to take car to hang car on lift or drive “on pit” Thin layer of rust means poor condition of chassis. If you find rust on suspension elements and auxiliary units, do not worry – these elements are easy to replace, but this is serious reason for bargaining.

Check suspension

Proper suspension of car-the key to traffic safety

If you don't have access to lift or “pit,” you just need to shake car in front, behind, and sideways. Thus, it is possible to check condition of shock absorbers as soon as possible. Strong and long swings are sign of failed shock absorbers. When car quickly and efficiently returns to its original position and stops rocking, shock absorbers are probably in good condition. However, this is very rough estimate and is not reliable. By way, you should listen to knocks, squeaks and other disturbing sounds. It is also worth ride on not big potholes and listen to running gear – tapping can portend serious repairs.

If it is possible to fully look under car, General condition of suspension, bolts, anthers, stabilizers, hinges and tilt sensors. Do not forget about shock absorbers, which check tightness, special attention should be paid to condition of ball bearings – if they are worn, it is dangerous to go. By way, just need to check tire wear. If they are unevenly worn, this may indicate problems with suspension and body geometry.

Careful control of electronics

Modern cars simply can not exist without electronic components

Now that car has become “computer on wheels”, electronics should be given special attention. It is capricious and expensive to repair. Even relatively new cars can have problems with it.

For example, when one of Windows does not work, problem seems trivial, but in many models such small fault can be associated with failure of controller, which also monitors other functions.

Check airflow and air conditioning, regardless of time of year, when we buy car. Air conditioning attention, because its repair is very expensive.

Mandatory trial check-in

During trial run usually climbs out all "shoals”

Simple checks are good, but they are not mobile cars are ineffective. During movement felt all faults and sore spots of car. You need to try car in different modes – at low and high speeds, when driving on straight road and winding, on flat road and road with bumps. car should move in predictable, exactly, without extraneous noises.

Bureaucracy - properly execute documents

Another "circle of hell" about buying car-paperwork

The car should be issued to seller and should be able to re-register it on You. Buy car “on registration certificate " is not necessary under any circumstances. First, legally car doesn't belong to you, you just use it, but don't own it. Secondly, car can have criminal past – at first stationary police station on signal of system “Frontier” you can withdraw car. During official re-registration all these nuances are checked by police and you become only owner.

​Buying used car is often difficult choice and lottery because finding perfect model can be extremely difficult. Sometimes finding good copy is tantamount to success, because hidden defects can make purchase extremely unprofitable. Understand what to look for when buying used car.

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